Monday, June 20, 2011

Going away parties are for the birds!!!

I have such a hard time saying goodbye! First of all, I hate change and when someone has been a part of my life for several years and then they leave, I get very emotional! Secondly, I hate to think of not being able to see them whenever I want to!

A little background info...Kelly and I were pregnant with our first children at the same time. We delivered our first babies in the same hospital, 1 day apart. We both owned boy dogs at the time named Bailey. Kelly and I both had girls first and boys second!! Both of our girls' first names are our maiden names followed by Grace! We both lived with our in-laws while we were waiting to buy our houses. It's creepy, I know!! But all that has brought Kelly and I super close and her daughter and LG are super close. I am going to miss our talks, seeing her every week at church or at a b-day party. I hope we keep in touch while shes away and see each other when they come to visit their families who both live in TN.

Last weekend our Sunday school class threw them a going away party. It was lots of fun to get together with every one without kids, which doesn't happen very often. I wasn't happy about the reason we were getting together but they are leaving nonetheless so a proper send off is required.

The Girls!!

The Boys~check out our "Elder" on the right side!! He should have been in the girls' picture with that pose! :)

OK, let's try this again :)

All of us!

Good luck Kelly & Brett! We are going to miss y'all so much! Get your 3 years done and come back HOME!!! Love you!!!

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