Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's day and just plain cuteness!

 Andy is a wonderful daddy! Words cannot express how fortunate our kids are to have him as their daddy. He gets them up, feeds them breakfast, and gets them ready for school/daycare by himself every morning because I am already gone to work. He bathes them and gets them ready for bed every other night. He plays with them and does the fun stuff that I am not willing to do because of my OCD~ness :), i.e. lets them completely destroy their rooms, get dirty outside, eat rice krispy treats and fruit snacks on the way to school, etc. They adore him. Carson wants only his da~da if he is anywhere around and LG thinks he hung the moon. I am so excited to watch how their relationships grow in the future. 
 Just a random picture that I thought was too cute not to post! :)