Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

 Oh how I LOVE Christmas time! I start to listen to Christmas music exclusively in my car from the day after Thanksgiving until the day after Christmas. I love all the parties and fun activities for the kids with our church and all the fun at my work. 
I insist on getting a real tree from a tree farm. This year we went to Cedar Hill Farms in Hernando, MS.
 We took a hay ride out to the trees
Andy found this tree and said it wasn't that big!! I told him to stand beside it so he could see how big it was.
Before and after :) Andy watched a video on You Tube on how to put the ribbon on the tree. :) Hilarious! But he did a good job.
He also made this wreath! This is the sort of thing that happens when it rains and he can't work. LOL!!! But I do love that it makes the house a little more festive.
Our elves are back too! I'll have to post on some of their activities/mischief soon! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2015

4 year check-up

Carson had his 4 year check up last Monday. 
We love his doctor, Dr. Michael Lacy. He is so good with the kids. Carson and him are always in their own world during the appointments. It's like I'm just there to observe. :)
Carson weighs 48 lbs~off the charts
Height~44 inches~off the charts
He has NEVER been on the charts but Dr. Lacy said as long as he is consistently off the charts, then it's fine. :) He met all his developmental milestones. The only concern is that his voice is always raspy and it always has been. Lots of people say they love his "Godfather" voice. Dr. Lacy said we should see an ENT to make sure it's not vocal chord nodules that need to be removed. We have an appointment next Monday so keep us in your prayers, please. 
He got 4 shots and let me tell you, he was NOT happy. We could've waited until 5 but I felt like he was still young enough that he really didn't understand what was about to happen and maybe by 5 he would be more aware, which could be difficult. He laid there so sweetly until the first shot and then, Lord, he went CRAZY!!! He screamed so loud and so hard that he lost his voice. He got a shot in both legs and both arms. I took him to Orange Leaf Yogurt shop afterwards. He was sore. As we were leaving he said, "I'm sorry mama." I asked him why and he said, "because I can't jump anymore." (He has to jump a little when I pick him up because he's so big.) Sweet baby! I told him it was OK, I would pick him up anyway! Love that sweet boy!