Monday, January 26, 2015

Basketball Diaries

 Lilley Grace is LOVING basketball. She gets so serious. Whatever the coach tells her to do, she does it with so much intent. During the last game she was designated as the point guard. I know nothing about basketball so Andy has to keep me informed of rules and positions and all that. :) I love watching her competitive spirit come out. During the last game, a good friend of mine, Windy, was getting some action shots of her daughter and got a few of LG as well.
 My favorite picture
Thanks Windy for capturing these special moments with your super duper camera. :)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Break

 I am in shock that Christmas break is over. We had so much planned and stayed busy most of the time. I looked up and it was time to get back to work and school. :( Sad. Here's a recap of the last 2 weeks...
 Everyone in our house was sick at one time or another with the stomach virus. Mine lasted 4 days! It was horrible but at least we were all better by Christmas. Plus, it gave the elves a chance to give Carson and LG some early Christmas presents~books (LG) and stickers (Carson).
 Friday before Christmas break I was able to work 1/2 day and get to LG's school in time for her Christmas party. All the kids were making gingerbread houses. She actually ate hers. I've never seen anybody eat a gingerbread house and even told her you weren't supposed to eat them because that's what I thought. She ate it anyway. Strong willed...
Right after this picture, she threw up in my hand and hence her time with the stomach virus.
 Random pic~I have always thought Carson looked like Charlie Brown so I quickly grabbed my phone when he came in my room carrying his Charlie Brown doll. See the resemblance???
 The first real day of Christmas break (Monday) began like this. It was wonderful~pjs and movies and me getting over my part of the stomach virus.
 Monday night, LG and I went to PJ Story Time at our church. We got there an hour early. I blame the virus! :)
 LG sitting in Pastor Sandy's storytelling seat.
 Waiting with friends for the stories to begin
 LG got to lead everyone in Away in a Manger
 Tuesday morning both kids went in for their dental checkups. Since this was Carson's first, LG went first so he could watch and see that there was nothing to fear.
 He stole some balloons from somewhere in the clinic and stood and watched LG.
 When it was his turn, he got up on the table like a big boy but as soon as she pulled out the tools, he shot up and said, "No, mama." It's so hard to force your child to do something when they are scared and begging you to help.
 The hygienist was so patient and said he could sit up and I could sit by him while he got his teeth cleaned. Once he felt the toothbrush and realized it wasn't going to hurt him, he let her clean his teeth like a champ...all the while holding onto the balloons. LOL!
 Another random pic~we spent a lot of time with my mom because she was out on break too. This is where Carson has to eat when he's there~in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, with a tray. Haha!
 Would you believe that I have ZERO pics from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day???!!! Too busy enjoying the moment I guess. :) We went to Andy's mom's house for lunch with his extended family on Christmas Eve and then his immediate family came to our house Christmas Eve night and we made cookies for Santa, played games, and had appetizers~starting a new tradition.
My mom always spends the night with us on Christmas Eve.
Christmas Day we woke up to Santa's gifts and exchanged gifts with each other. Then we headed out to Andy's mom's again where she always has sausage balls, donut holes, and OJ. We opened presents with the immediate family. We headed back to our house to exchange gifts with Andy's dad and step-mom.
Carson went back to school during the second week of break, Andy went back to work, and LG and I had some girl time together. 
We went to Incredible Pizza with friends on Monday.  
 I spent New Year's Eve at the hospital waiting on the arrival of my grandbestie, McKenzie Jo. She finally made her debut at 7:15 pm. I wasn't able to get my hands on her until 9ish!

Ironically, she weighed 7 lbs 7 oz. just like both of my babies and was delivered by the same Dr who delivered both my babies. :)
LG and MJ
 I left the hospital to spend New Year's Eve with some of our BFFs.
My girls and Andy~the photobomber...
Most of these people came to our house on New Year's Day to watch Bama get beat by Ohio State. :( But we did have fun "recovering" together.