Thursday, June 30, 2011

19 weeks!!

Wow! I can't believe it's been 19 weeks already! I had my "big" ultrasound yesterday. As usual, I had my psychologist take my BP the day before and it was actually normal!! Dr. Peeler took that reading instead of taking it at his office :). I was very happy. I have gained 4 lbs so since I didn't gain any last month, I wasn't too stressed about it. That brings my total at the halfway point to 11 lbs.
The ultrasound tech said the baby looked perfect, so perfect she said that she finished the ultrasound a lot faster than normal. The baby kept looking straight at her, laying on his side. She said he weighs 11 oz. and is measuring exactly on his due date. And yes, she confirmed it is a boy! Dr. Peeler told me to lay off the orange juice :( too much sugar!! Oh well, he didn't say anything about hot wings! LOL! I ordered the baby bedding today~it's whale bedding by Migi and I got it at Target. I am feeling a little stressed because it's halfway over and I have so much to do. So~I figured buying the bedding was a good first step since I'll have to match paint and curtains, etc.

LG is getting more and more excited by the day. She keeps saying "my baby brover" about anything that has to do with the baby. I love it! We are going to visit a new daycare today so even though we have loved "The Barn," I want LG somewhere where they have a curriculum for their Pre-K. So~I'll keep you updated on how that goes.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Laugh out loud...

We can hardly ever get LG to smile for the camera but here is a picture of her laughing so hard! Why is she laughing so hard? I can't say for sure but I do know this picture was taken in her MiMi's (Andy's mom) car after she had spent the night with her. That overnight stay consisted of going to Chuck E. Cheese, going to bed late, getting up early, going to the donut shop this morning and then to Chick Fil A because Dora was there!!! A professional photographer was there as well and is going to post a pic of LG on Chick Fil A's facebook because he caught her trying to take the map out of Dora's backpack!!!! :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bella LouAnn

I realized that in my description of this blog I wrote that I would be chronicling about Andy, LG, Peanut, and Bella. Sadly, I have written about everyone except Bella. Bella is our 4 lb Yorkie and even though she looks innocent, she is a MESS!! She chews up everything~her toys, LG's toys, shoes, headbands, underwear, etc. etc. etc. And I don't mean chews it up and leaves behind a destroyed mess, I mean chews it up and swallows it! She jumps all over us if we sit down, she barks at every little thing, she wakes me up in the middle of the night every night to take her outside, etc. She has about 10 different names and answers to every one of them, i.e. Bella, Bella LouAnn, Lou, LouLou, Louis, Dutchess, Bella Dutchess of Lou~my mom calls her the little heathen, which LG says all the time when Bella is bothering her but it sounds more like "Stop it, you little heeeeeven!!!" In spite of all that we LOVE her. She just demands, I mean, needs a lot of attention. :) She does have some good qualities...the vet says she's extremely smart (that's why she chews up everything because she allegedly needs to be constantly stimulated) and I say she looks really cute in doggie clothes!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Yes~I went to the New Kids on The Block/Backstreet Boys concert last night and LOVED every minute of it!!!!! My friend, Alisha, got tickets through her work. We sat in her employer's suite and got a parking pass. We parked right outside the suite. There was a bathroom and a food counter right outside the suite as well!! It was so nice!

The concert lasted from 7:30-10:30 and although that seems like a long time, especially for a pregnant girl who is usually in the bed by 8:45, the time flew and we all had a blast! NKOTB would come out and do a few songs and then BSB would come out, and they rotated like that all night. They also came out a few times throughout and at the end of the concert and did some songs together. They sounded exactly as I had remembered them and were still as cute as ever :) ~shout outs to Jordan Knight and Nick Carter!!! LOL!!!

My cousin, Jennifer, (long brown hair) got to meet both bands at their sound check before the concert.

NKOTB and cuz right in the middle :)

BSB and cuz right in the middle...again!! LOL! :)

I forgot how much I loved both of those bands at one time~I think I might have to download a few of those songs to the ole Ipod!!

18 week update

Here I am at 18 weeks and I finally feel like I look pregnant. For several weeks people would say, "Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you're pregnant!" So at that time I'm thinking, even though I've gained at least 10 pounds (which if I wasn't pregnant would be a problem for me) and I feel thick around the middle, I just look like I've put on nice to hear. :)

I was still able to fit into my jeans last night (my biggest jeans :) for the New Kids on The Block/Backstreet Boys concert! More on that to come! I am craving McAlister's chef salads (thanks, Kathy), turkey and cheddar sandwiches and watermelon. I have definitely started to feel the baby move, little thumps low on the right side.

We are still trying to decide on a name~we're going to start calling him "Clarence"~LOL~until we decide on a name for sure.

Lilley Grace asks me almost daily, "How's your baby?" I love it! She can be so sweet and caring. She also talks about "the baby in her belly" all the time. I told her a couple of days ago that the baby was moving in my belly and she said, "my baby's moving in my belly too." She told Andy she didn't feel good this morning and he asked her what hurt. She said her leg hurt. He asked her what happened to her leg and she said, "the baby is hurting my leg." :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Kathy's shower

I went to a shower for my BFF, Kathy, on Saturday afternoon. Two of her high school best friends threw a fabulous dessert filled baby shower! The decorations were all handmade by her friend, Angie!! She is so crafty!

These were all the homemade desserts. They were delicious and baby Adair and I both had quite a sugar high when we left the party! :)

Just 5 more weeks!! Can't wait to meet baby Micah Rose!!

Going away parties are for the birds!!!

I have such a hard time saying goodbye! First of all, I hate change and when someone has been a part of my life for several years and then they leave, I get very emotional! Secondly, I hate to think of not being able to see them whenever I want to!

A little background info...Kelly and I were pregnant with our first children at the same time. We delivered our first babies in the same hospital, 1 day apart. We both owned boy dogs at the time named Bailey. Kelly and I both had girls first and boys second!! Both of our girls' first names are our maiden names followed by Grace! We both lived with our in-laws while we were waiting to buy our houses. It's creepy, I know!! But all that has brought Kelly and I super close and her daughter and LG are super close. I am going to miss our talks, seeing her every week at church or at a b-day party. I hope we keep in touch while shes away and see each other when they come to visit their families who both live in TN.

Last weekend our Sunday school class threw them a going away party. It was lots of fun to get together with every one without kids, which doesn't happen very often. I wasn't happy about the reason we were getting together but they are leaving nonetheless so a proper send off is required.

The Girls!!

The Boys~check out our "Elder" on the right side!! He should have been in the girls' picture with that pose! :)

OK, let's try this again :)

All of us!

Good luck Kelly & Brett! We are going to miss y'all so much! Get your 3 years done and come back HOME!!! Love you!!!

Crazy, Busy Weekend

This weekend, like many of our other weekends lately, was full of places for us to be. Saturday morning LG had a b-day party for a church friend. We went to their house where she got to jump in a bounce house (which is probably her favorite thing to do right now!) and she got to play with several of her friends.
Here she is in full jumping mode!
Here is one of her friends stopping just long enough to get a drink from his mommy. I thought this was HILARIOUS!!
LG also asked me to take her picture and when I looked at it after I had taken it, I felt like the picture was in 3D and her curls were coming to attack me!!!
Lastly, before we left we had to get a picture of LG with her closest friend in both age (1 day apart) and because they just love being with each other!! Her friend's family is moving away in a week (see previous post) and we are both very sad. I just know they'll be back in a few years though :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to Andy's dad's to celebrate Father's Day. We grilled out and spent time playing outside. Thanks for a great day, PeePaw and DeeDee!! We love y'all!!!
I also spent some time by myself in the afternoon thinking of my dad and reflecting on the time I had with him. I miss you and I love you, Dad!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

No more pull-ups

Lilley Grace has been potty-trained since mid-February but I put pull-ups on her at night just in case. She woke up with a dry pull-up every morning for about 2 weeks straight and was so proud of herself every time! I finally decided that after we used all of this box of pull-ups that we wouldn't buy anymore. We counted down every night in excitement, 3 more pull-ups, 2 more pull-ups, and finally last Saturday we had one more pull-up...we talked about it and LG grabbed that last pull-up and cried her eyes out while I held her in my arms. She was seriously in mourning over the end of an era. She is definitely her mama's child, having a hard time with change. :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tom and...

Andy had a dinner business meeting last night. As he was leaving the house, LG said, "Where are you going?" He said, "To talk to someone about some business." She said, "Who?" He said, "Tom." She asked, "Are you going to see Jerry too?"


It's a...

BOY!!!! And he's healthy and beautiful! Andy and I were not supposed to find out until June 29th but a friend of ours let us come to the dr's office where she works during her lunch break to give us a sneak peak. She gave us a DVD and several 4D pictures.

We are overjoyed! One of each and LG called it from day one! When I asked her back in March if the baby was a boy or girl she said, "Boy!" She also wants to name the baby Avery. That's only because her BFF's baby sister is named Avery. :) We are not set on a name yet but will post it as soon as we have decided on something for sure.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

17 weeks

It's hard to believe I'm already 17 weeks. I think my tummy has grown a little. Everything else is pretty much the same. I can sleep on my back most nights but have woken up a couple of times with my left hand numb from my uterus pressing on the vena cava artery. I'm sure it'll be too heavy in a few weeks for me to lay on my back at all so I'm trying to take full advantage while I can.

I think I may have felt the baby move a couple of times yesterday. It was like little taps from the inside, low on the right side. I kind of remember it feeling like that when I was pregnant the first time. I love it!! Can't wait to feel the "peanut" more and more!!

"Party all the time..."

So, now I've got that old 80's song stuck in my head! But we literally "partied" all weekend! Lilley Grace had 2 b-day parties to go to on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Andy and I helped host a going away party for our dear friends, the Davenports, on Saturday night. By Sunday night, we were exhausted!

Lilley Grace's first party on Saturday was for her friend from school and was held at Cedar Hill Farms. Let me just say that being outside in June from 11 am - 1 pm was not the ideal way to spend my morning~it was sooooo HOT! LG had a blast though and that's what really matters! She got to spend the morning with all her friends from school.

She stayed glued to her BFF.

This little girl is her other P.I.C. (Partner in Crime)

She got to feed some animals. She was a little nervous at first. I had to hold the cup with her but then she let me step away for a second to take her picture. You can see how she's holding the cup at the very very bottom. :)

She got to ride a horse for the first time. Again, she did OK for a minute but then I had to step in and put my hand on her to assure her that she wouldn't fall.

Her second b-day party was for a little girl who lives on our street and since it was outside again and I still hadn't recovered from my HOT morning, Andy took her. Consequently, there are no pictures. However, she and her friends slid down a giant bouncy waterslide and she loved it.

The party on Sunday afternoon was for another one of her friends from school and was at a place called "JUMP" in Southaven. It has several jump houses for the kids to play in~they jumped for about an hour and a half. Then, they all went to a room to eat cake and ice cream and open presents. Here LG is again with her two P.I.C.'s.

The weekend was busy but fun. I'm sure we'll have many more like it as LG grows up and acquires more friends and especially since we'll soon have two babies to take to different events.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

St Jude Classic

As previously blogged about, Andy played in the St Jude Classic Pro-Am. There were 3 amateurs on his team and the pro was John Daly. Andy said John was a super nice guy and treated them like they were all friends. He had a blast!

Florida pics...

I think Lilley Grace looks like such a nerd here!!!! LOL!

My friend, Alisha, bought LG these goggles before we went to Florida and I told her she wasted her money because LG would never wear them. Obviously, I don't know my own child because she barely ever took them off! You can see in the pic below that she had just moved them to the top of her head. :)

Building sand castles takes a great deal of concentration...

Daddy played with LG the whole time~Mama was too burnt after the first day to show her skin in the sun!

So~that pretty much sums up our trip. We were beach and pool bums the whole time we were there. We will definitely be going back next year!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

9 years and counting!!

Today is mine and Andy's 9 year anniversary! I can't believe it's been 9 years. So much has happened in this time, good and bad. I am so happy with where God has taken us and what is in store for us. We exchanged our gifts last night because Andy is playing in the St. Jude Pro-Am today. (I'll devote a separate post to that when I get some pics from today!) Last night we went to the "Draw" Party. This is where they give you a bunch of free gifts, feed you dinner and drinks, and then by lottery you select the Pro who will be on your team. Since Andy is playing on the Servicemaster/TruGreen team and they are a huge sponsor of the FedEx St Jude Classic, they were one of 5 teams that got to go in the lottery draw first. Their # was selected first and they chose John Daly! How awesome is that?!

I digress...back to the free gifts~we went into this room and basically Andy went down an assembly line where they gave him a pair of dryfit socks, a shirt, a Brooks Brothers' gift card, a portable charger for ANY electronic device (so small--the size of an ipod), a leather shaving bag with products in it, a duffel bag, a travel golf bag, and more. Then we went and stood in this line and once we got to the front, Andy got to choose a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses!!!! So now to the reason for that story...

I had gone to Sunglasses Hut and purchased Andy a gift card for a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on Monday!!!!!! So when I gave him his gift card, he had just been given a pair of the same sunglasses that I was so proud to have remembered that he wanted! My excitement for my purchase was sadly gone but he said he would use the ones he got at the party for his work glasses and the ones I got him for his "personal use." Doesn't that sound a little uppity?! LOL!

Enough about his present~he did so good on my present! I mentioned to him a couple of years ago that I would like to have a pink sapphire ring. He held that little tidbit of info back in his brain and surprised me with the ring pictured above! He picked it out on his own! Good job, Hubby!! I love you! Hope you have a great day at the tournament!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

16 weeks...

This week is really no different from last week. I'm still about the same size, still fitting in my regular clothes for the most part, there are a couple of pants that I either have to wear a belly band with or just leave them unbuttoned. I still feel really good. I might feel a little nauseous every once in a while because of a smell or because I haven't eaten in a while but overall I feel great! I am craving cheddar cheese! Cheese cubes are THE BEST!!!! The countdown is on to find out the sex of the baby--3 weeks and 1 day!! WOO HOO!!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

First haircut~June 4, 2011

This was one of the first cuts~she's a little concerned...

This one was taken after she'd gotten the hang of it and said, "I love getting my hair cut! Ms. Angela, you're doing so good!" We all got a little laugh out of that one!

We had several people tell us that if we cut her hair, she might lose the curls...refer to the first pic~not going to happen any time soon! :) That is just fine with me~I love my little "Goldilocks!!"

Friday, June 3, 2011

15 weeks

So this is me at 15 weeks--today as a matter of fact. And no, I am not in jail~I am at work doing summer school until June 24th. I swear I thought my baby bump was a lot bigger than that. It definitely looks a lot bigger from my perspective :).

I went to the dr yesterday for my monthly check up and everything is normal. The most exciting thing that happened at that appointment was that Dr. Peeler didn't make me get my blood pressure taken. I had gone the day before and bought my own BP cuff from CVS. I sat at home Tuesday night and took my blood pressure until I got a semi-normal reading (133/86). Good for me! So, Dr. Peeler let me use those readings! He said he wasn't really concerned about my BP and wouldn't be until I am 32 weeks. My next appointment is the "big" ultrasound!! We will find out the sex of the baby and if all is healthy on June 29th at 10:30 am!! Will for sure post the sex ASAP!

I am feeling great! I didn't think that was possible. No more sickness and not all that tired. I am able to keep up with Lilley Grace so I'm happy about that. I was starting to feel a little guilty that I was being such a dud but that time has passed (at least until the baby gets here and wears me out :). I had not gained any weight at this appointment. I think it's because I was eating so much at the beginning to stave off the sickness that I put on 7 lbs right off the bat and now I'm eating like a normal person again. I had my first nosebleed of the pregnancy this morning~not a tragedy, just a little gross.

Lilley Grace constantly wants to kiss the baby and lifts my shirt to kiss my stomach. I think she is going to be a great big sister! I am getting more and more excited about this baby and what lies ahead for the Adairs!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last week we went to Santa Rosa Beach, FL. We had a blast. It was our first family vacation (sad, I know, but remember Andy's busy season is from March to October) and LG's first trip to the beach. Needless to say, she was more than excited to build sand castles and swim all day long! We went with Andy's family and some friends. We stayed in a 3 story house with it's own pool. The house slept 15. It was perfect!

I got burnt up the first day so I wasn't able to get out without 50 SPF on for the rest of the time. It was my fault since I didn't put any sunscreen on at all on the first day (skin cancer waiting to happen). We ate out almost every night. We went to this fun boardwalk area called, "Baytown Wharf" in Sandestin the first night. It had shops , restaurants, games, etc. LG and I took a pic by the fountain there (see above). We also had to make a trip to Fudpucker's to see the baby alligators and a shopping trip to the outlet malls in Destin! Is it a dream come true to have a Coach, Nine West, Loft and a Banana Republic outlet in the same place??!!

Funny thing~On our way home we got stopped by a Mississippi State Trooper in Macon, MS. He got to the truck and asked Andy for his license and proof of insurance. As Andy was getting it, LG said, "Hi Mr. Po Po!" The trooper died out laughing! He said, "Who said that?" Andy rolled the back window down and she said, "HI!!!" He told Andy that he pulled him over for doing 79 in a 65 and asked where we were going. Andy said, "We just left Florida and we are headed home." The trooper said, "Well, drive safely--your little one just saved you some money." YAY!!!!!! As he was walking off LG said, "I love the Po Po!!" LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!

I have many more pics of the vacay and will post them as soon as I upload them to my computer!