Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bella LouAnn

I realized that in my description of this blog I wrote that I would be chronicling about Andy, LG, Peanut, and Bella. Sadly, I have written about everyone except Bella. Bella is our 4 lb Yorkie and even though she looks innocent, she is a MESS!! She chews up everything~her toys, LG's toys, shoes, headbands, underwear, etc. etc. etc. And I don't mean chews it up and leaves behind a destroyed mess, I mean chews it up and swallows it! She jumps all over us if we sit down, she barks at every little thing, she wakes me up in the middle of the night every night to take her outside, etc. She has about 10 different names and answers to every one of them, i.e. Bella, Bella LouAnn, Lou, LouLou, Louis, Dutchess, Bella Dutchess of Lou~my mom calls her the little heathen, which LG says all the time when Bella is bothering her but it sounds more like "Stop it, you little heeeeeven!!!" In spite of all that we LOVE her. She just demands, I mean, needs a lot of attention. :) She does have some good qualities...the vet says she's extremely smart (that's why she chews up everything because she allegedly needs to be constantly stimulated) and I say she looks really cute in doggie clothes!!

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