Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I hate when people do photo dumps BUT...

... here I am, a couple of months behind on ANY sort of posts, doing a "photo dump" to catch y'all up! :)
I think the pics uploaded backwards so we'll start where we ended.
We spent a lot of time with friends and outside in the month of July.
 We found that Carson has a love for ribs--got to be from his daddy because I cannot stand the sight, much less the taste, of meat on a bone. :)
 He also has a love for swimming. This particular time, we were at a party at our friends, Tina & Bill's, house and everyone had gotten out of the pool but Carson.
 Here he is jumping to LG.
 Here is LG on her first day of 1st grade. She was happy and fine after school
 but you can see the nervousness in her face as she boarded the bus to the "unknown" before school
 and in this pic right before the bus got there
 Andy has been doing some work in the yard. Any time he is out there, Carson wants to "help." He went and got his plastic shovel and started digging too.
 We celebrated LG's b-day at the Kids Only Gym a couple of weekends ago.

 She also chose to go to Steak & Shake for her b-day dinner.
 A funny in the middle of all of this:
Carson sent his chicken nuggets to "time out." LOL!!
 We had our annual EH Lilley Memorial Golf Scramble the last weekend of July. We always provide BBQ  for lunch after the guys come in from playing.
 Here's everybody eating lunch in the clubhouse.
 Most of my family comes in for the weekend to help us remember my dad. We went to a Mexican restaurant Friday night. Bryson was not a fam of the sombrero!
 Everything we do that weekend is dedicated to my sweet daddy. We miss him so much!
 The beginning of July was marked with a professional development trip to Philadelphia, PA (not MS as people kept asking!)
Of course we had to try a Philly cheesesteak (I don't eat red meat so I had a chicken Philly), and this is where the locals told us to go.
 These are my co-workers who went on the trip with me eating at the best Mexican restaurant I've ever eaten at~El Vez in Philly. Even though
we were there for work, we had the best time!
July was packed full of fun activities but we are back into the swing of the school routine (for all of us). Hopefully, I'll be better about updating now!