Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Time

Andy has moved up in the business world! For the past 10+ years he has been growing a small lawn and landscaping business. He started out with a regular sized truck, a trailer that he pulls behind it, some equipment, a partner, and a small client base. In those years, he has doubled his client base, become sole owner of the business, bought several new pieces of equipment, hired 2 employees (one full time and one part time), and now he has bought a new BIG truck!! This is no Ford F150 friends!!! He is going to keep the other truck and trailer and expand the business to 2 crews! I am so proud of him! He had a dream and he worked to make it come true!!!

Funny story

Yesterday, LG and I were waiting in the car for our friends, Alisha and Alex, to get home from work and school. We were picking them up and going to Chick-Fil-A for dinner. All of a sudden, LG said, "Oooh ooooh, I have to go tee." I said, "We have to wait 'til Alisha gets home. Can you hold it?" She said, "yes, I can hold it."--all the while holding herself, doing the tee tee dance and saying, "ooh ooohh." Then, after about one minute, she says, "I just teed a little." I thought, "OK, she can either tee tee in my car or we can get out and tee tee in the yard." I got her out of the car, we went around the side of the house, and she squatted in the yard!!!!! When she got done she said, "That was fun!"

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

27 weeks

I went to the dr today. I have gained 14 lbs up to this point, BP was good (but that was taken at my therapist's office 2 days prior ;), I had to drink that awful glucose drink! YUCK!!!! I won't know the results for a few days. Dr. Peeler said Carson's heartbeat sounded great! He said he would monitor the growth of the baby towards the end to see if I need a C-section. I delivered LG the "regular" way but had some damage so to speak so he said if Carson is big, we might want to go the C-section route.
I am starting to get tired, kind of like the 1st trimester. I always try to find a time to fit a nap in but that hardly ever happens with a 3 year old. I asked Dr. Peeler if it was OK for me to continue to pick LG up since she weighs 35 lbs and he said, yes, as long as I don't break my back. LOL! I am starting to get back aches and go to the bathroom more frequently at night. Fun times!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LG and her new room

Lilley Grace now has a whole new "big girl" room! I ordered her bed from Pottery Barn Kids but a good friend of ours, Ryan Hays, made the bookshelf and the dresser! They both look amazing, like I ordered them straight from PBK!! Thanks, Ryan!!!
I got a little emotional the first night that she had her new bed. I went in after she fell asleep and just looked at her. I thought about how big she has gotten and how she is not a baby anymore. We talk about how she needs to "act like a big girl" but I never really thought about the fact that she is growing up. Sigh...

She loves her new room!! It also makes me feel better as I am doing stuff for Carson's room and getting new things for him that she is getting new things too. She has been trying so hard to understand all the changes and why I can't pick her up or jump on the bed with her or chase her around the house, etc but of course, she is three and it's hard for her. We are trying to do the best we can to talk with her and prepare for even more drastic changes when Carson actually gets here.
We haven't quite finished Carson's room yet but as soon as we do I'll post pics.

I just had to add this pic~LG picked up the strainer the other day and put it on her head. She said, "Hat!" Then she put it on my head!! I thought it was too funny!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Carson's room & 26 weeks

We have started to work on Carson's room and by "we," I mean Lilley Grace and Andy. They do the labor, I do the decorating. :) As you can see, LG is very involved in the process. She insisted that she needed to help paint her baby brother's room, you know, so it would get done right! Andy is so sweet and patient and let her paint right alongside him. She stayed in one area the majority of the time so that area may be a little darker than the rest of the room but there will be a good story behind it.

LG's new furniture should be arriving this weekend so her bed, changing table/dresser, and bookshelf will move to Carson's room and she'll have a new room too. :) I'll post pics as soon as we get that done.

Andy taught her how to get the excess off the brush. Not that she didn't still have it ALL over her hands AND feet!!
I am now at 26 weeks and still feeling good, except for having an allergy flair up this week. That makes it a little harder to sleep. I go to the dr next week so I will post the results of my glucose test and appt stats after that.

Friday, August 12, 2011

25 weeks

So~I still have people asking me if I'm pregnant...really? You can't tell? Sure you can!! Hmmm...anyway, I still feel great. My lower back hurts at night but that comes and goes so it's not that bad. My ultrasound tech friend said I could come in next week and she'd give me "a fat faced picture of Carson." How exciting! I didn't get any of that with LG!! We are painting Carson's room this weekend and allegedly LG's new bed should be here sometime soon (it shipped from the store about 2 weeks ago~where is it?), so we'll be moving the toddler bed into Carson's room and turning it back into a crib...I hope Andy remembers how to do that. :) I will post pics of the room as we go along.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Break time!!

Andy and Lilley Grace were taking a much needed popsicle break while changing a tire on his truck. Even though I told her that girls don't change tires (what are boys for, right?), she wanted to help her daddy. How sweet!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

So behind!!!

I have so much to blog about from the last week and a half but as you all know, school did start on time and I have been too swamped to even think! Funny thing~I am sitting at my desk right now on the first day of school and it is scarily quiet...hmmmm, I guess we'll see how the rest of the week goes. :)
First things first~LG's b-day party at JUMP last Saturday went so well! She and her friends jumped for 2 hours straight. They were all sweating and loving life! Her party had a Dora theme and her Uncle Cha Cha (Charles) made this wooden cut out of Swiper for her party.

Daddy and Uncle Von had to get in on the action!!!

All LG said she wanted for her b-day was a "Swiper" cake and we happen to have a very talented baker in the family. Thanks, Cousin Missy and thanks for being the photographer as well!!!LG got this cute little apron from her friend, Hunter, for her b-day. Of course, she had to put it to good use right away, helping her Peppi mash potatoes.

Last Sunday, she went to her friend, Tatiana's, b-day party. Again, she went to a jump place :). LG did not mind one bit but she did have to have her "buddy," Elmo, with her at all times. As you can see, he is sliding down one of the big slides with her. By the way~the reason she is scrunched down like that is because she is making sure I am at the bottom of the slide, where she told me to sit, to take her picture.

There was not a lot new at 24 weeks. My belly is starting to poke out more. I feel like I am carrying Carson higher than LG so I feel out of breath a lot. I am waking up several times during the night to change positions because my hips start to hurt. I know it only gets harder to sleep so I am not complaining. This picture was taken at LG's b-day party. I figured I would pose a little better than I have in previous posts. :)

Lastly, my BFF, Kathy had a precious baby girl! Kathy was in and out of the hospital in less than 24 hours! So for all you women scared of labor, just look at her face~this was about an hour after she'd had the baby~does she look like it was a hard???!!!

Well, that's pretty much a wrap up from the last week or so. LG started a new daycare/preschool today so I'll get some pics and post on that soon. Have a great week!!!