Monday, August 8, 2011

So behind!!!

I have so much to blog about from the last week and a half but as you all know, school did start on time and I have been too swamped to even think! Funny thing~I am sitting at my desk right now on the first day of school and it is scarily quiet...hmmmm, I guess we'll see how the rest of the week goes. :)
First things first~LG's b-day party at JUMP last Saturday went so well! She and her friends jumped for 2 hours straight. They were all sweating and loving life! Her party had a Dora theme and her Uncle Cha Cha (Charles) made this wooden cut out of Swiper for her party.

Daddy and Uncle Von had to get in on the action!!!

All LG said she wanted for her b-day was a "Swiper" cake and we happen to have a very talented baker in the family. Thanks, Cousin Missy and thanks for being the photographer as well!!!LG got this cute little apron from her friend, Hunter, for her b-day. Of course, she had to put it to good use right away, helping her Peppi mash potatoes.

Last Sunday, she went to her friend, Tatiana's, b-day party. Again, she went to a jump place :). LG did not mind one bit but she did have to have her "buddy," Elmo, with her at all times. As you can see, he is sliding down one of the big slides with her. By the way~the reason she is scrunched down like that is because she is making sure I am at the bottom of the slide, where she told me to sit, to take her picture.

There was not a lot new at 24 weeks. My belly is starting to poke out more. I feel like I am carrying Carson higher than LG so I feel out of breath a lot. I am waking up several times during the night to change positions because my hips start to hurt. I know it only gets harder to sleep so I am not complaining. This picture was taken at LG's b-day party. I figured I would pose a little better than I have in previous posts. :)

Lastly, my BFF, Kathy had a precious baby girl! Kathy was in and out of the hospital in less than 24 hours! So for all you women scared of labor, just look at her face~this was about an hour after she'd had the baby~does she look like it was a hard???!!!

Well, that's pretty much a wrap up from the last week or so. LG started a new daycare/preschool today so I'll get some pics and post on that soon. Have a great week!!!

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