Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Softball and Pumpkin Carving

LG has ALWAYS wanted to play softball. She used to go out in our front yard when she was about 2 and see the boys next door playing baseball and she was hooked. Every time I would go to sign her up I had either missed the deadline or would be reminded that softball is a Spring sport. But this year her school sent a flyer home for a month long Fall ball clinic that the high school softball team was holding and I signed her right up. She has absolutely LOVED it! After her first game she said that she wanted to play competitive ball and college ball. I said, "Let's just get through your first rec season." :)
Practicing catching
 Practicing throwing
 First game and first run scored~look how EXCITED she is!!!! I can truly say she has been more excited about playing softball than any other sport she's tried.
 Her favorite coach, Callie. Callie made sure LG had #1 on her shirt because Callie is #1 on the HS softball team! We love her!
 Andy and the kids carving pumpkins. We had to wait until 5 days before Halloween because it's been so hot (80's) and we didn't want our pumpkins to rot before Halloween.
 Carson designed the face and Andy cut it out...kind of looks like him doesn't it? :)
 LG designed her pumpkin and I helped her cut it out. So cute!
 Pumpkins on the porch
 Just a cute pic to end on...too precious not to post. :)
Halloween pics to come!