Monday, December 15, 2014

Girls' Trip and some Christmas festivities

 Weekend before last some of my girlfriends and I took a much needed girls' trip to Navarre Beach, FL. Although it wasn't hot enough to go to the beach (70), we still relaxed in the condo, ate great food, watched scary movies, and did some Christmas shopping at the outlet mall in Destin.
Our view from the condo
 All the girls getting ready to go out one night
 When I got back, Andy had put our Christmas lights on the house. I love Christmas lights. They put me in the Christmas spirit!
 This past weekend, we went to a Christmas party and had a blast! The weather was nice enough that we could dance hang out outside in their backyard.
All the girls
 Yesterday, LG participated in our church's 1st grade Christmas program. She was the star. Literally~she was the North Star. :)
 Afterwards, there was a reception and all the 1st graders received a Bible with their names in them.
 LG and Peppi
LG and a couple of her church friends.
I love this time of year! So many parties and gatherings with friends and family. More to come...

Monday, December 1, 2014

The usual and more...

 We had a fun, family, activity-filled Thanksgiving weekend. 
It started Tuesday night when a friend gave LG a Christmas tree. We put it up in her room. She is so proud of it.
 LG, Peppi, and I were all out of school on Wednesday so we spent some time together and went to LG's favorite restaurant~Steak n Shake~for lunch. Anywhere that serves mac n cheese is her favorite restaurant. :)
Again, with the crazy-eyed look. LOL!
 Thursday morning, Carson we got up early. I started cooking and Andy entertained the kids.
 Later that morning, Andy ran an errand with our friend, Bill. He brought his daughter over to play with LG while they were gone. These girls love to play school and dress-up. They are a mess!
 We had Thanksgiving lunch with Andy's family at his mom's house and then came home and roasted marshmallows outside.
 Our elves, Punkin (LG's elf) and the "yet to be named elf," which is Carson's, returned Thursday night. They rolled our guest bathroom and wrote a note on the mirror that read, "We're back! Be good!"
 Friday morning my cousin Missy and I went black Friday shopping. We left at 4:30 AM and were completely done at 7 AM. All the crazy people went out on Thursday night so there were no people in the stores on Friday morning. It was fabulous! Then, Andy, LG, and I set out to decorate the house. (Carson went to daycare because he would've have hindered the process :). We went to Cedar Hill Farm and picked the tree. It was already completely pruned. It is beautiful. It's 9 1/2 feet tall. 
Here LG and I are at Walmart on Black Friday afternoon trying to pick out bows for outside. Yes, it was packed. :)
 Here's our tree
Saturday, LG, Peppi, and I went to Aberdeen, MS to visit Mamee.
 Sunday night LG performed in our church's Hanging of the Green program. She is in the 1st grade choir. Afterwards we decorated cookies and ornaments and watched the Live Nativity. It was such a special time together.
We have so many fun things planned over the next few weeks. Stay tuned...