Tuesday, May 24, 2011

14 weeks

At 14 weeks, I am starting to visibly show. My clothes are definitely getting tight. I can still button my pants but probably shouldn't be :). I feel good the majority of the day. I still get a little queasy around certain foods and smells and at night. I am still craving OJ but not really any foods in particular. I am not as tired as I have been but I am having a little difficulty sleeping, not every night but at least once a week. For example, I got in bed last night around 10 pm but did not fall asleep until around 1 am. Kind of sucks but at least I got some sleep. I am still having headaches pretty often. I contribute that to hormones and sinuses. Also, my heart races a little sometimes for no reason. I do have mitral valve prolapse so that could be the deal with that...this sounds like a lot of complaining but it's really been a great deal better than it was a few weeks ago.

Funny thing~Lilley Grace took her little "car," Mater, to school one day last week and of course, some other kid took it home. A few days later her favorite teacher, Mary Beth, found it before LG got to school so Mary Beth sent a picture message to Andy of her holding the car. When Andy showed it to LG she said, "OH.MY.GOSH. I cannot even believe it!" Is she 2 or 22?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Leave her alone...

with her daddy and this is what happens!!! What is sticking out of the sides of her head??!! I wasn't home yet and Andy sends me this picture. He said he tried to give her horns but the weight of her hair made them fall out to the side. I swear~I don't know if I'm going to let him have any influence over this next kid! :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 13 update & business

I am 13 weeks today and oh how much better I feel!!! I usually only get sick once a day now around 8 pm. I think that's because by that time I am so tired and I have been at work, played with LG, bathed her, put her to bed, and probably haven't had a chance to eat yet. I still fit in my regular clothes and although I started poking out fairly early (9 weeks), I really haven't grown that much since. I didn't keep up with any of this the first time around so I am not sure if that's how it was then or not. I gained 28 lbs the first time (and was back down to as close to pre-pregancy weight as I was ever going to be after 2 weeks, i.e. 2lbs more which is where I stayed until I got pregnant again) so I definitely don't want to go over that! I still don't have a whole lot of energy but maybe that will slowly return or maybe it won't because I have a VERY active 2 year old! I'm craving orange juice, root beer, cheese, and anything fried~sugar, sugar, fat, fat~ I'm sure all that will help to keep the weight down :). I eat about 6 times a day. For example, I have oatmeal or a plain biscuit from McDonald's for breakfast and a huge glass of OJ, mini wheats at around 10, lunch (sandwich and chips) around 12, a snack (orange) around 2, some other snack around 5 when LG eats dinner, and then dinner somewhere around 8. Then straight to bed~again, a good plan for keeping the weight off. :) Still having headaches about every other day. I am also not drinking any water, which I need to start doing regularly! I'm still able to sleep in all position (stomach and flat on my back) and am taking full advantage of that while I still can! I am also sleeping well, with the exception of the few nighttime potty breaks but I go right back to sleep. Overall, things are pretty good right now.

Weekend funny~Saturday night Andy was on the phone with a customer so he went in our bedroom so he could hear better. LG tried to go into the room. I told her that she couldn't go in there because Daddy was on the phone with business. She said, "I wanna talk to bus-i-ness!"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Who did she get that hair from????

Obviously not from me or Andy! LG's hair is about 6 inches long but stays tight to her head in these crazy spiral curls! All I can do with it is wet it, put gel in it, and maybe stick a bow over to one side (see pics in header). This was my mom's attempt at trying to put pigtails in her hair this morning. Of course I was already gone to work or my child would not have left the house this way. Andy thought it would be hilarious to take her picture and send it to me when I was too far away to do anything about it. What am I going to do with that hair?! Anyone have any suggestions?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where does she get these things?

I walked in the kitchen the other day and LG had the dish towel tucked in her pants. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'm cooking dinner, you'll eat it, and then you can have a dessert!" Now, I am fully aware of where she got what she said--I say that pretty much every night but where she got the idea to put the towel into the front of her pants, like a waitress, is not something I've ever done at home! I had to take her picture and if you're wondering why her face looks like that~she's saying "cheese" which I've realized since I've had her doesn't make you look like you're smiling, it makes you look like you're straining...but now she's conditioned to say it any time I get the camera out :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fun weekend! Saturday LG and I went to a crawfish boil and saw lots of friends. She got to jump in a big bouncy house, which is one of her most favorite things to do in the whole world!!! She jumped for 2 hours and occasionally came out to eat a pizza roll. I got to socialize with some girlfriends and eat really good food! BTW~preganacy can make things taste/smell awful but it can also make some things taste SOOOOOOO good! Where was Andy? Where else but at the Grizzlies game?!!! He loves basketball and has had the opportunity to see the Grizz play in two of their play-off games here in Memphis. So he got to see them come back from a 16 point deficit, go into overtime and beat the Thunder! How exciting!!

Sunday was Mother's Day, of course. LG made me a picture frame at school with my picture in it and it said, "World's Best Mom." She also gave me a card that she made, a card that was purchased (with her own money, I'm sure :) and a gift card to Gould's--who doesn't want a maternity massage when they're preggers????!!!! We went to church, hung out with my mom (Peppi) and played outside. Then Andy grilled out for us. It was nice!

Funny story~LG came into our bedroom last night with her "Foxy" and blanket. She told Andy and I that she didn't feel good, wanted to lay in our bed and asked us to cover her up. Andy said, "Well, what's wrong?" She said, "my tummy hurts." He said, "What is making your tummy hurt?" and she said, "The baby is making my tummy hurt." Oh my gosh~I thought I was going to die!! Maybe I say that a little too often :) My cousin got it on video so maybe she'll send it to me and I can try to figure out how to post it :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Dr's appointment

Dr. Tonia Long

This is my therapist. I have been seeing her since 6 months after my dad died, which means I have been her client for over a year. She is wonderful! She led a grief group at 2nd Presbyterian Church that my mom and I went to right after my dad died and I knew that God placed her in my life for a reason. She is currently helping me with the BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF PHOBIA~I like to put it in all caps when I type it because that's how it feels in my head when I think about it. :) We have tried several things and usually when I am in her office my blood pressure gets down to a reasonable # but I am not generalizing the calming strategies that I use in her office to Dr. Peeler's office so that's why I'm hoping Dr. Peeler will go for me having Dr. Long take it instead of him.

On that note, I was totally ready for Dr. Long to take my blood pressure yesterday so I could see a lower # than what I saw at Dr. Peeler's office on Wednesday. I was anxious but I knew it would be better than the previous one. I had been nervous about it all day but had decided it had to be done. I got to her office, told her what happened at Dr. Peeler's office and she said, "Well, are you up for taking it now." I cautiously said, "yes." She got the machine out and it didn't work!! She said the batteries must be dead so she went out to get some more. While she was gone, I put the cuff on my arm just to try to get used to it for a second. When she came back she said they were all out of AA batteries!!! All that worry and preparation for nothing!! I think God is trying to teach me a lesson! LG has a cd that we listen to everyday on our way home from daycare and it has a song on it that says, "Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself!" Why can't I trust in God's plan??!! Oh ye of little faith!!! On Judgement Day God's probably going to sentence me to 10 years of farming or bug catching for being so anxious all the time. ;) Well, hope everybody has a good weekend. Hopefully I'll get around to taking some pics and can post something fun about LG instead of all this Dr. stuff!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

11 week Prenatal Doctor visit

Dr. Huff Peeler
For you to understand this better, I have to give you a bit of background information. If you already know this about me then skip to the next section but for those who don't know this, the rest of my posts concerning doctor's appointments won't make much sense if I don't explain. I HAVE A BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF PHOBIA!!! A full fledged.crazy.psycho phobia. The definition of phobia is an irrational fear so I am quite aware how ridiculous it is but am completely unable to control my fear. So, basically I get to the dr's office with perfectly fine blood pressure but by the time they take it I am having a panic attack and it is through the roof!!!! You can only imagine how difficult it was to have my blood pressure taken ALL THE TIME with the first pregnancy and for some reason it is worse this time. (I didn't think it could get worse.) On top of that, I am in therapy for it (among other things) but it has yet to make the slighest impact. :( It is very frustrating. However, I have the BEST OB doctor in the world, Dr. Peeler, who tries his hardest to make it as easy on me as he can. They let me come straight back to have it taken as soon as I get there so I don't have to wait and get even more freaked out, he always tells me he is not worried about it (unless it's really high and then he kind of fusses at me), they take it a few times to watch it drop, and when I got to the hospital to have LG they already knew about the fear and said they would do whatever I needed them to do to make it easier on me. Sometimes he lets me have a break and doesn't make me get it taken :). I love him! God knew what he was doing when he sent me to Dr. Peeler!

Yesterday I went for my routine OB visit and, as always, had a panic attack, blood pressure was high, Dr. Peeler got onto me and told me to work it out in therapy :). I got to hear the baby's heartbeat which he said was between 160-170 beats per minute. I do have to say that he kept getting my heartbeat confused with the baby's because my heart was beating SO fast!!! I'm a nut! Anyway, everything else looked fine (I gained 5 lbs since my last visit) and I go back in 4 weeks. Dr. Peeler asked me what was up with the weight gain and I told him I have to eat all the time to keep from getting sick. It is getting better though and I do try to eat healthy, i.e. yogurt, fruit, mini wheats...whatever, I'm pregnant~I'm supposed to gain weight! :)

I go to see my counselor today to try to deal with this phobia. Maybe Dr. Peeler will agree to let me have my blood pressure taken by my counselor either the day before or the day of my next appointment and let me use that instead of him taking it in that haunted house of an office where it's not going to be accurate anyway...I mean, my therapist (Dr. Tonia Long) is a doctor and he did say come up with a plan, right? We'll see...

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter +1

This is our family picture on Easter outside of our church. This is also the way I announced to the Facebook world that I am pregnant!! I let everyone know that this was the family and whether you could tell or not there was another Adair on the way. In this picture I am 10 weeks pregnant.

So, let's talk about the pregnancy so far...

I found out the absolute earliest I could--Wednesday, March 16 (4 weeks). If you know me well, you know that I am a little OCD so I knew exactly when I could test. I really shouldn't have been able to find out until that Friday if you know what I mean. But I thought since I had several pregnancy tests laying around, it wouldn't hurt to "waste" one. To my surprise there was the lightest little pink line. I was in shock! I didn't expect it to actually be positive. So I went to the doctor 2 weeks later (6 weeks) so he could take my blood pressure (that's a whole separate post), steal some of my blood, weigh me and give me some prenatal vitamins. He then told me to come back the next week to have an ultrasound. At this point I was feeling perfectly fine~deception!!! One short week later, Andy and I went to see the little "Peanut" and make sure all was well. Everything looked great. By this time (at 7 weeks) I was starting to feel nauseous, which I had with LG. However, by week 8 and through weeks 9 and 10, the nausea became almost unbearable! I had several episodes where I just sat crying wondering if I would be able to make it another few weeks (because it's all supposed to go away at 12 weeks, right?) I called the dr and he prescribed me some Zofran. I tried several different ways of taking it~I changed the time I took it, the dosage, etc. but it did not work for me. It was like I didn't take anything except for the fact that it made me extremely constipated!! Frustrated, I decided to just suck it up and deal with the sickness. So here I am at 11 weeks feeling a little better, definitely able to manage it much better and looking forward to week 12 when hopefully, things will be MUCH better!! I have had a headache for a few days which I also had with LG during the 1st trimester so I was not surprised but it still kind of sucks. I have a dr's appointment tomorrow at 3:00 pm so I will keep you "posted." :)

So I gave in...

and started a blog. I have been thinking about it for quite some time but didn't think I could make the time commitment. However, since I am preggers again I thought it would be a great way to journal this pregnancy, the life of the new baby, and Lilley Grace's life at the same time. I also LOVE looking at other people's blogs so maybe someone will like looking at mine.

I am the type of person who likes to look back to see what I did before in order to help me get through current situations. Thank God my mom kept a journal of LG's first year of life. She documented EVERYTHING--how much I fed her, sleeping habits, doctor's visits, etc. I know I will go back and look at that to help me with the new baby. So hopefully this blog will serve that purpose as well as help me to remember what I was feeling at times and what was going on in my life. Having said all that~I am going to try to make this blog as fun as possible so I hope you like it but it's really more for me than anyone else :)