Monday, September 9, 2013

Nightly prayer and devotion

Ever since LG was about 2 years old, we have had nightly devotion and prayer time before she goes to bed. We have gone through 2 children's Bibles multiple times and are now on a Preschool devotion book that I bought from our church library.
All that to say, last night Andy, LG, Chloe, and I were sitting on the couch in the den. Andy was reading the devotion and as we were doing prayer, I felt Chloe shift around and LG shift around. I opened my eyes and this is what I saw:
I swear on the Preschool devotional book that this was not staged! Too cute!!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


That's right! We FINALLY, after 1 year, sold our house in Southaven!! Can I get an AMEN?! We were starting to lose hope because the interest rates were going back up and it was looking like we wouldn't be able to make any money off of our sale but we took what we could and got the heck out of dodge. :)
We are now living in the only apartment available in the only apartments we wanted to live in and it is a 2-bedroom 1,010 square foot space of happiness! We are crammed in there like a bunch of clowns in a car but we are loving every minute of it. Lg is the most excited. She and Carson are sharing a room and she thinks that is the coolest thing ever. I am going to remind her of that when she is 13 and screaming for him get out of her room! We took some shots of our lovely place and as you can see LG wanted to pose in most all of them.
LG and Carson's room~the master bedroom so all their stuff would fit. 
(Note Carson photo bombing the above pic~LOL!!!)
 Kitchen and Dining area
 Den/Office/Sunroom/Storage Room/Chloe's room
True story~LG and Carson are standing on the line that divides the sunroom from the living room...really? Why, because sun comes through the windows there and that makes it a sunroom?
 My dresser wouldn't fit in the 2nd bedroom so now it also has multiple roles~dresser/entertainment center.
 Den (view from the kitchen)
 Guest/mine and Andy's bathroom
 Mine and Andy's room~the king size bed barely fits. Notice we don't have any bed frames~they wouldn't fit so they are in storage while we sleep on mattresses on the floor~LG said it's like we are camping. :)
Fun times!
We are starting the building process on a house in Olive Branch. Allegedly it will be finished in 90-120 days. We'll see. I'll keep you posted.