Monday, June 9, 2014

Full Weekend

I don't know why we do this to ourselves but we always pack our weekends FULL. Well, maybe it's because we like to keep the kids busy or they will get into things they're not supposed to...
This past weekend was no exception.
We woke up Saturday morning and I took the kids to our friends, Brian and Brooke Loeffler's. I affectionately call their house "Loefflerland" because their backyard has so many toys, play sets, and fun things to do. This particular morning they had a blow up water slide out. The kids ran around, played, and had a blast.  
Kylie and Carson
Kylie, Carson, and LG
 LG and Nate eating lunch
 Carson and LG playing on the slide. Carson would not go down the slide. The one time he got stuck at the top, he sat there for about 15 minutes before I was ale to grab his leg and pull him down. My thought was that once he went down and saw how fun it was, he would love it. Not so much...he cried when he got to the bottom and never went back in again.
 While I had the kids at the Loefflers' house, Brian went to our house to help Andy put together our new play set. Brian stayed all day.
 36 hours later, Andy was finally putting the finishing touches on it and the kids were able to play.
 Saturday night, Andy and I celebrated our 12th anniversary. My mom kept LG overnight and his mom kept Carson overnight. It was so nice knowing we could sleep in Sunday morning. Andy took me to Capital Grille. The experience was fabulous. The food was great, as was the service. Our friends, Carrie and Brian, were across the street at a wedding and came and met us for a minute after we finished dinner. They came and sat at our table. We thought we were done, Andy had asked for the check but the waiter brought us a complimentary creme brulee (divine) and 4 glasses of champagne, instead of 2, because he saw our friends had joined us. How classy is that?
Speaking of classy, Andy bought me some shoes that I have been coveting for years~Christian Louboutins!!!! Aren't they lovely?
All in all, it was a busy and fun weekend!