Monday, April 22, 2013

Prom King & Queen

Andy and I went to Kingsbury High's prom on Saturday night. As we were standing there watching the kids dance, I realized that we were standing in front of the table with the King and Queen stuff displayed. I could not resist!!!!! I had to have a picture of us in the crowns and sashes. Hilarious!
Prom King & Queen 19 years later!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cuteness captured

 I am not a huge picture taker but I do whip out the cell phone when I think the kids are doing something exceptionally cute or I want to be sure to remember the moment. Here are a few of those moments...
LG being her usual posed self and Carson staring at the food! LOLOLOL!

 Carson's first time in the Chick-Fil-A play area. He kept crawling in this hole and crawling out, in and out...
 LG sang at church on Palm Sunday~she is sooooo into her choir time.
 We also attended an Easter egg hunt at 2PC and LG was able to get both sides of her face painted. :)
 Sweet pics of LG and her Partner in Crime!
Cedar Hill Farms~school egg hunt
 Birthday party at Jump for a classmate
 Trying out pig tails for the first time!
 She wanted to try on a wig I wore for Think Pink week at Kingsbury. Once she got it on, I wanted to take her picture but she wanted to take it off. I told her to let me take one picture where she was smiling and she could take it off~this is what I got...a forced smile!
 Then she wanted me to take her picture the way she wanted to pose...
Carson LOVES LOVES LOVES Elmo, AKA "Mel Mo!" He hollers it every time he says it. I turned it on in the den last week and then walked out of the room for 2 seconds. When I came back he had climbed up in the chair and was just chilling, laid back, watching his show.
I brought LG's little chair in there for him to sit in because its closer to the ground and he is super accident prone. I don't like him up on the furniture by himself. He is on the "phone" (an old cell phone of mine) and surrounded by his fan club, Elmo and Pup Pup.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last installment~Puerto Rico Part 3

Old San Juan was full of fun things to do...
One day, Brian, Carrie, Andy and I walked around and saw the sights.
We got our pic taken in front of this beautiful fountain.
This girl was covered in parrots. Andy got in trouble for taking her pic because a man was making money off of taking a pic of her like this. Oops. 
 They also have several pirate ships you could tour for a small fee.
We had dinner one night at a restaurant in Old San Juan that was recommended by several locals. It was OK.
 Andy, Bill, and Brian went to the other side of the island on Tuesday and played golf. How pretty is this course?
 The Governor's mansion in Old San Juan. The guard said he's a really cool guy, which makes it hard on security because he's always out talking to the "commoners." ;)
 On a final note, Andy and I took some "couple" pics in a few locations just to prove this trip was somewhat romantic. :)
 Love my "Punkin!" Thanks for taking us on this wonderful trip!!! Looking forward to doing it again next year!!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OK~I gotta stop waiting on all the pics! Puerto Rico Part 2

I have neglected to blog because I can't get all the pics I want to post to upload to the computer. However, I will post what I have and post again with the rest. :)
Flying over Cuba
 Flying over Florida
 Took a trip to Old San Juan on Wednesday and toured one of the big forts that Spain built to guard to Sea.
 View from the fort~it looks like a postcard! Beautiful!
 On Thursday we went to El Yunque Rainforest and hiked down to a waterfall.
The whole group (except Tina, who couldn't hike that day because of her fall earlier in the week).
We also went snorkeling on Thursday. This is the view of St. Thomas from the catamaran.
I am terrified of the ocean so the fact that I'm in it is a big deal for me. I just kept trying to convince myself that I was in a lake. Also, I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to snorkel but I gave it a shot. As soon as I saw the first sea creature under the water I took off as fast as I could to the little island. I think I would rather not know what's under the sea. :)
Ignorance is bliss.
 The island in the background is where they filmed the corona commercial where all there is is a palm tree and someone drinking corona~paradise, right?
Below is a picture of a sea urchin~a rare tiger striped sea urchin that I named, "Tigger." I also advocated for the boat captain to throw him back into the ocean, which he did. :)
 There are iguanas EVERYWHERE~on the side of the road, in the bottom of boats hanging out, etc.
 There are also pigeons everywhere~YUCK!~flying rats. Old San Juan has a park dedicated to the pigeons. People go there to feed the pigeons and the pigeons flock all around and on the people.
More to come when the rest of the pics upload! :)