Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OK~I gotta stop waiting on all the pics! Puerto Rico Part 2

I have neglected to blog because I can't get all the pics I want to post to upload to the computer. However, I will post what I have and post again with the rest. :)
Flying over Cuba
 Flying over Florida
 Took a trip to Old San Juan on Wednesday and toured one of the big forts that Spain built to guard to Sea.
 View from the fort~it looks like a postcard! Beautiful!
 On Thursday we went to El Yunque Rainforest and hiked down to a waterfall.
The whole group (except Tina, who couldn't hike that day because of her fall earlier in the week).
We also went snorkeling on Thursday. This is the view of St. Thomas from the catamaran.
I am terrified of the ocean so the fact that I'm in it is a big deal for me. I just kept trying to convince myself that I was in a lake. Also, I'm not sure why I thought it would be a good idea to snorkel but I gave it a shot. As soon as I saw the first sea creature under the water I took off as fast as I could to the little island. I think I would rather not know what's under the sea. :)
Ignorance is bliss.
 The island in the background is where they filmed the corona commercial where all there is is a palm tree and someone drinking corona~paradise, right?
Below is a picture of a sea urchin~a rare tiger striped sea urchin that I named, "Tigger." I also advocated for the boat captain to throw him back into the ocean, which he did. :)
 There are iguanas EVERYWHERE~on the side of the road, in the bottom of boats hanging out, etc.
 There are also pigeons everywhere~YUCK!~flying rats. Old San Juan has a park dedicated to the pigeons. People go there to feed the pigeons and the pigeons flock all around and on the people.
More to come when the rest of the pics upload! :)

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