Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fun, fun, and more fun

 It has been so nice outside lately. We have been spending a ton of time outside, whether in our own yard or just out at different events.
The kids both LOVE to play basketball and luckily we have 2 baskets and 2 balls. :) LG is signed up at our church to play basketball starting in the fall. She has been telling me she wants to play for a while so we'll see if she actually likes to play on a team.
 Any time Andy brings the work truck home to work in the yard, the kids think it's a ride at the fair. They play on it, they want to ride the lawnmower, help daddy in the yard, etc.
Here they are running down the's the small things, right?
 Making silly faces
 Carson is still loving the pool. He especially loves to jump off the diving board at Tina's. Only a few more days left of "swim weather."
 He also loves to I sense a janitor in my future???
 We acquired a free small fridge from our cousins that we'll keep in the garage for overflow. All we had to do was clean it up. That's what we have kids for, right?...just kidding. :) They wanted to clean and get wet and make a mess. I didn't care as long as the fridge got somewhat clean.
 LG and I participated in the Color Run this year with several of our family members.
Me and my cousin Jennifer, AKA, "Cuz"
 Mama, LG, and I
 Mama, Aunt Penny, LG, Cousins Jennifer, Kennedy, Missy, and a few others
 We went to a festival called Jag Day at the High School in Southaven.
LG rode a pony.
 Carson jumped in bounce houses and ate a snow cone.
 LG couldn't wait to do the spiderman!
Big news!! LG lost her two front teeth...guess we know what she'll be asking Santa Claus for...:)