Monday, November 16, 2015

This birthday was a tough one!

Carson is 4...ugh...that's so hard to type. Truly, I'm happy he's healthy and thriving and growing and all that but he's my last baby and he's not a baby anymore. Sigh...ok, enough of that. 
We celebrated his birthday Saturday at Bounz. He wanted a Paw Patrol theme, specifically Rubble, the dog with the "diggers." My cousin, Missy, made a perfect cake and my friend, Stacey, made some Paw Patrol cookies. Both were so good.
 The kids~and a few adults :)~had a blast jumping and sliding.
 Nate the Great
 Carson climbing up the slide wall
 Andy, Carson, & LG coming down the big slide together
 The rest of the adults
 Getting ready to blow out the candles
 His sweet little face while we were singing Happy Birthday
 His actual birthday was Sunday so we got up early and had "birthday donuts" before church.
 A few things he is doing now that I don't want to forget: 
He loves tractors, Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, and most every show that LG watches. He has the biggest heart when it comes to helping others. He loves to help his sister and he actually calls her "sister," which I absolutely love. He calls me his best friend and will say we're not best friends anymore if I punish him. ;) He puts a D in a lot of words, i.e., counder (counter), kendal (kennel). He still carries around his Pup Pup and sucks his 2 middle fingers on his left hand. I know I should be trying to get him to stop that but it's just so cute. Bad mama alert!!! I still carry him when he wants to be picked up and I will as long as my back can handle it! He can be so bad, which everyone chalks up to the fact that he's a boy. He gets mad when he doesn't get his way and tries to swat or kick AT the person. He never actually hits but he acts like he is. I kept telling him yesterday that he is 4 now and he needed to act like a big boy but every time I said it I almost choked. I would be totally fine if he stayed my sweet little baby forever but I know that's not possible...he's going to keep growing and one day he'll be a man...uh oh, here come the tears...but today he still lets me lay with him before he goes to sleep and sing to him and rub his back and cuddle with him so I'll focus on day at a time.