Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Springtime fun!

 Our weekends have been completely full for the last month and I have loved every minute of it. I pack our days full of outdoor fun and different activities. YOLO and we don't want to miss anything!
The fair always comes to Southaven for Springfest the last weekend of April. It takes them one week to set up all the rides and since it's on the main road, we drive by it every day. Once the kids see the rides start to go up, they cannot wait to go! This year we went on Saturday morning and it was a little rainy and muddy so we basically had the fair to ourselves.
LG on a ride all by herself
 LG is on the end with 2 other little girls. This ride made me sick last year so I was not about to do it again.
 Carson and LG on the little version of the drop ride
 Kingsbury High had prom April 25
 We have been spending a lot of time at Starbucks. LG got her first frap and I got to try the S'mores frap for the first time. YUMMY!
Saturday morning family Starbucks run~starting them out early ;)
We have also been spending a lot of time outside after school
This was an accident waiting to happen. I got Carson off the bike as soon as I snapped this pic
 Our good friend, Amy, got married
 Alisha hosted a Mother's Day brunch at her house
 Alisha and her and me and my mom
 LG's first soccer season has ended and she loved it! Their team did not score a single goal until the last game when they scored 2 and tied. She was so happy to be playing that she didn't even notice that they didn't win a game all season.
She played her little heart out and this pic is a reflection of how determined she was to do her very best.
 Carson found a way to get into everything while we were trying to watch LG play soccer. He is all boy and even though he wears us out, we secretly love it. 
 We celebrated Dee Dee and Pee Paw's anniversary at the Rendezvous (their favorite place). This is the waiter who has been waiting on them for over 30 years.
 LG and I went to the Kidz Bop concert at Minglewood Hall with Bradshaw and Tatiana. They (we) had a blast!
 We are so excited for the summer and a break from school and homework. We are ready for the pool and lazy days and late nights and sleeping in. Stay tuned for more fun to come!!