Friday, April 27, 2012

Ice cream treat

LG has been needing some positive reinforcement lately for listening and obeying. So, yesterday she stayed "on green" all day at school (which if you have a 3 year old you know is a huge deal :) AND she was very good at the dr's office. For her reward (and mine too) we went to Baskin Robbins and got some ice cream! We also got to have a little girl time.
By the way~I swear she's mine~you can't see any resemblence but I was there so I know she is! :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

St. Jude Trike-a-thon

Please help Lilley Grace raise money for St. Jude by clicking on this link:

 She is going to ride her tricycle at her school next Friday to raise money for the St. Jude kids! Andy and I are so excited about having this opportunity to teach LG about giving to others and helping those in need. Thanks in advance!! I'll post pics of the event next week!

What do you think he is thinking here...

When I look at this picture, the song~"I'm sexy and I know it!" plays in my head!!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


What in the world is this on the back of Carson's head??!! He has had this ridiculously large patch spot on the back of his head for 3 months! At first the dr's thought it was ringworm and put him on topical meds. When that didn't work he started taking an oral antibiotic, which is usually not used in children under 2 years old but they thought it was the only way to clear up ringworm on the scalp. In addition, we have been using a medicated shampoo. We have been doing this course of treatment for 6 weeks and either this ringworm is a tank like Carson and only gets bigger with time or it's not a ringworm after all. We have an appointment with a dermatologist next Wednesday. Please say a prayer that whatever is on his head, they figure it out, it is easily curable and that he won't have any permanent scarring or hair loss, or side effects from the meds.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Carson's baptism

Carson was baptized at Second Presbyterian Church during the 8:15 am service this past Sunday. He was so good during the service, as was his sister. :) It was such a special event for so many reasons. First of all, mine and Andy's youth pastor when we were in middle school (when we knew each other but didn't like each other :) was able to come to the service and baptize Carson. Of course, when I was 12, never in a million years would I have thought that Lester Newsom would be baptizing mine and Andy Adair's kid 23 years later! CRAZY!!! But it was an emotional moment being able to share that with someone that has meant so much to both Andy and I.

Secondly, so many of our family members were able to come and witness the event and then go to breakfast with us after to celebrate. My mom, cousin, Andy's grandmother, mom, dad and stepmom, two brothers, sister and her boyfriend, and Lester and his whole family were with us. Notice the tie Andy is wearing~that tie was my dad's so even though he was not there physically we KNOW he was there in spirit! He was greatly missed on that day. Thank you Jesus for your blessings of family, friends, and blessed moments.

Some cute things...

First of all, is this not the cutest pic you've ever seen!! I had to get a picture of Carson in his Tiger jacket! His little fat cheeks!!!! I just want to EAT.THEM.UP!!
Cute story~yesterday, I took LG to the Dr. because her daycare called and said she had what looked to be pink eye. And yes, she has pink eye AND an ear infection, as usual so we are on our way back to the ENT for probably a second set of tubes. Anyway, she told Dr. Lacy that her neck bone hurt. I asked her to tell him what that bone was called and she said, "my dog bone." Of course Dr. Lacy knew exactly what she was talking about...her dog collar bone because dogs wear collars, right? LOL!!! She is too funny!
Last week, I had the dreaded stomach virus for 2 days! I was quarantined to the bedroom and didn't get to hold my babies or kiss them or hug them for 48 whole hours!!!! During the second night, when I was mostly better :), LG came in and asked me how I was feeling, I told her much better and asked her if she would please pray for me during her prayers, meaning when she prayed before she went to bed, but instead, she put her little hands together right there on the edge of my bed and said, "Dear God, please help my mommy feel better soon. Thank you, Jesus, Good night, Jesus, Amen." Oh my gosh~in all of my screw ups as a mom, that right there helps me to feel that I've done something right!
One more cute pic/story~LG asked to hold Carson wasn't until I looked at the picture that I realized how BIG Carson really is. I mean, I know he's big but look at his legs compared to LG's!! She said, "I'll hold his head." I was thinking, "Girl, he could hold yours at this point!" LOLOLOLOL!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring has sprung!!!

I love spring and all that it brings! I love the blooms on the trees, the grass greening up, the warmer weather, and especially the new babies everywhere!! Andy knows I love a nest full of baby birds and he sees them all the time! So yesterday he took a pic of the birds he saw and sent it to me!
Alisha, Alex, LG, Carson and I were driving down the street last Saturday and when we turned into our neighborhood a mama and daddy goose were walking their little gosling across into the ditch by our house. I pulled over on the side of the road and LG and I jumped out of the car to see the "baby!" I am nuts over baby animals!! If you see any sweet babies, email or text me a pic and I'll post it on the blog! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

5 months and more...

Carson turned 5 months old yesterday! It really is flying by! He is still so sweet. He weighs around 21 lbs and is wearing 12 month clothes. He wears a size 2 shoe. He eats 7 oz at 6am, 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, and 6 pm (+ 2 tbsp rice cereal) and goes down for the night around 6:30 pm. He eats one fruit or vegetable around 5:30. He loves everything except for the green beans. He just kept spitting them out very politely while I was feeding him unlike LG who screamed her head off if she didn't like a food. :) He sleeps 12 hours at night and roughly 2~2 hour naps. He did several things for the first time this past week. He reached his arms up for me from the exerscaucer at daycare last Wednesday. I loved it!! He got in his jumper (see picture below) for the first time yesterday and loved every minute of it. He never got bored~I finally just took him out after about 45 minutes.

He also played with Bella for the first time. Sorry the pic is dark. I was scared I wouldn't get the pic in time so I didn't have time to turn the overhead light on. They are playing tug-o-war! They both had so much fun playing with each other.
In other news :)...LG helped her daddy wash my car on Saturday while I went and got a pedicure. How nice is that?! They did a great job!! Thanks guys!!Life is good.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our little star!

Carson was named star student at his daycare last week and they put this poster outside of his classroom:
He is so precious!!! I can't say that enough! He's our little star every week!! We appreciate the barn for choosing "Laaa" and making us feel special!

Veritas Girls!!

Our Sunday school class is named Veritas (truth in Latin). We have been in this class for several years with the same people. We have been through so much together! They have seen Andy and I through the first few years of our marriage and now into the "child" years, through a brain injury, my dad's death, the birth of two children, graduate school, new job, even newer career change decisions :), and helped with the growth and development of Andy's business (thanks for all the yard work y'all throw his way!!) So much more that I can't even name. Some of these people will be our lifelong friends no matter where life takes us (we haven't forgotten about you, Davenports!!) We are sooooo blessed to have all these people in our lives all for different reasons.
Last night we were able to meet with our Pastor, Sandi Wilson, for some question and answer time. We had dinner together first at Ciao Bella (my fave) and then went to an elder church members house and fellowshipped together for a couple more hours. Andy had to drag me away! I could talk with these girls all night! Some girls were unable to attend and some were there, just didn't get in the pic.
From left to right starting in the back:
me, Ginger, Kim, Rebekah, Katie, Jennie, and Beth
Love you guys!!! Look forward to many many more years together!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Final product

I promised a pic of the eggs after they were decorated! Each one of us had our own egg. The pink one in the front with the red "hair" is LG's. The purple one is Carson's. The green one is Andy's and the pink one with the yellow "hair" is mine!!! LOL!!! The simplest things in life can be so fun and meaningful! We had such a blast spending time together and decorating our eggs! Thanks Daddy for initiating this family event! :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Missy's birthday party

Saturday night we went to the Mesquite Chop House to celebrate my cousin, Missy's, birthday. (No #'s will be discussed :). They have such great food!! We got to hang out with all my cousins from that family~David and his girlfriend, Missy, Jennifer and Jon, my mama, and Andy and I. We had a great time!! Below are some pics from the night:

Andy and Missy

Jennifer, Missy and I~they are sisters and my cousins but they are more like sisters to me than cousins!
Missy and I

Andy and I

Fun times!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Easter weekend!

Our Easter weekend began on Friday with a "Girls' Day!" Andy had to work and we took Carson to daycare so LG and I could spend the day together. We started out at the Dr, where LG was diagnosed with another ear infection. Those are typical and never slow her down so we left there and went to the zoo. We got there before it got too busy. We saw all the animals!

I thought this was pretty cool~the sea lion kept swimming in a circle and getting really close to the glass.

By the time we left, it was time for lunch so we headed to Chick-Fil-A in Olive Branch to meet my mom and Alex. This is how LG was by the time we made it there:

We got the Chick-Fil-A to-go and went home to eat and take naps. We both slept for 3 hours! I guess we needed it! Saturday morning was our church's annual Easter egg hunt. LG asked to wear my sunglasses and then said, "Take my picture." LOL!
On Sunday we went to church and then to Andy's Aunt Laura's for Easter dinner. LG participated in another Easter egg hunt and racked up on tons of candy!
We had a fun family filled Easter weekend! Hope y'all enjoyed yours too!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter egg fun

Andy and LG dyed eggs on Sunday. I think Andy was more excited about it than LG. As previously noted, I can't get LG to look at the camera when I take her pic but nonetheless, I had to get pics of the process!

They are planning on decorating the eggs tonight so I will post final egg pics tomorrow.