Saturday, April 14, 2012

Veritas Girls!!

Our Sunday school class is named Veritas (truth in Latin). We have been in this class for several years with the same people. We have been through so much together! They have seen Andy and I through the first few years of our marriage and now into the "child" years, through a brain injury, my dad's death, the birth of two children, graduate school, new job, even newer career change decisions :), and helped with the growth and development of Andy's business (thanks for all the yard work y'all throw his way!!) So much more that I can't even name. Some of these people will be our lifelong friends no matter where life takes us (we haven't forgotten about you, Davenports!!) We are sooooo blessed to have all these people in our lives all for different reasons.
Last night we were able to meet with our Pastor, Sandi Wilson, for some question and answer time. We had dinner together first at Ciao Bella (my fave) and then went to an elder church members house and fellowshipped together for a couple more hours. Andy had to drag me away! I could talk with these girls all night! Some girls were unable to attend and some were there, just didn't get in the pic.
From left to right starting in the back:
me, Ginger, Kim, Rebekah, Katie, Jennie, and Beth
Love you guys!!! Look forward to many many more years together!

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