Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh, my babies!!

I don't know what I did to deserve such precious babies. Carson is just the CUTEST thing you ever did see. He is always smiling, unless of course, he has an ear infection, which at the present moment he has had for 2 weeks. It makes him a little cranky, especially when he is tired.
We have been spending quite a bit of time together since I have been out of school for the summer and I have enjoyed EVERY moment of it (even the cranky ones).
 Lilley Grace and Carson love each other to pieces right now. He smiles at everything she does and she always wants to help with him and love on him.
 This picture is the story of my life right now~they are both completely mesmerized with each other and could care less if I'm even in the room.
I know I said this when I was pregnant with Carson and I still pray for it today: I hope they will always be the best of friends.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Florida 2012

The last week in June I went to a conference in Orlando, Fl courtesy of Memphis City Schools. My mom came along for the ride. This is us on the plane leaving Memphis.
We stayed at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort on Disney World property. It was so nice!!! We could walk over to the "Boardwalk." They have shops and restaurants. If you look closely in the picture below, you can see Epcot. We can see the fireworks at Disney World every night from the resort pool. Fabulous place to stay!

This is one of three pools at the resort. This is the one with the least kids in it but obviously there are other creatures that like to frequent it. :) My mom is lying on the raft to the left and then these ducks just waddled in to the water, swam around for a bit and then hopped out. They were there everyday.
One night we took the shuttle from our hotel to Downtown Disney. There are tons of places to shop and hang out. This is a dragon made entirely of Lego's. What?! I can't believe that's even possible.
I took this picture with Buzz Lightyear to send to LG because she loves him. I didn't realize until later that it looks like he is "copping a feel." :)
 This is us waiting at the gate for the ride home. Sad to be leaving but ready to get home to see my babies!! 5 days without them is way too long.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

8 months and some other happenings...

Carson is 8 months old today. Over the past couple of weeks he has done quite a few new things. He said his first word, "Da Da,"  on Monday, July 2. He has also started clapping, shaking his head (like he's saying "no"), rocking back and forth on his knees and waving. I bought him a bunch of new clothes and he is wearing 18 month now. Seriously? Is he going to slow down on the growth or am I going to have a 2 year old 1 year old? ;)
Lg and her daddy have been spending alot of one on one time together. They went to Incredible Pizza last Saturday and the other night they built a fort in her room. Only a former boy scout could build a fort like this!
LG earned a trip to the "nail place" to get her toes painted. She was good all week at school. It was the best $6 I have ever spent. She felt like such a big girl and she hasn't stopped talking about her purple toenails.

Freak Accident

It is hard to write this but I am in a moment of being ok so I feel like I better do this now and get it over with. We had a tragic accident yesterday. LG and I were in the backyard playing baseball while Andy painted and Carson sat in his exerscaucer. I threw the ball to LG and when she swung the bat our dog Bella jumped at the ball and LG hit her in her head. She hit the ground and was dead instantly. She did not suffer AT ALL. That is my only saving grace at this point. I have been crying on and off for two days. I didn't sleep last night and haven't really eaten much. My stomach is in knots and my mind just races with all the things that could have been done differently.
I was SUPER protective of Bella and that is putting it mildly so everything reminds me of her, i.e. when something hits the floor, I think "where's Bella" because she would have been right there to snatch it up and run off with it, when we open the door, I think "where's Bella" because she would run out if you weren't careful. She slept right beside me so it was hard not having her there last night.
Friday night I went to the movies with a friend and got home around 11:45 pm. Everyone was asleep. Bella was in "our" spot in the bed. I got in the bed and she came up and licked me in the face. I whispered to her, "One day I asked your daddy why you always had to be right beside me and he said because I am your mama and he's right, I am your mama." She licked me again and I pulled the covers up and she went under them and went to sleep right against my side. God is so good! We had that special moment that I will never forget. I miss her so much. She was crazy but as Andy said, "she loved us and we loved her." Heaven is a little crazier today.
And LG is OK. She had a hard time understanding at first that Bella is in Heaven FOREVER but she is already asking if she can have a guinea pig or a fish. I think we'll start with the fish. :)  

Sunday, July 8, 2012

BFF's and girlfriends

I have been working on this post for over a week! Our computer refused to download pics no matter how hard I tried! So finally I put all the pics on a flash and use my laptop to do it. Take that home computer!! the post~Each year I oversee a summer program with some of my best friends. After it is over our families all get together at one house and celebrate the impending summer vacation. This year we gathered at Kathy's house for pizza and outdoor fun.
Vincent (6), LG (3), and Peyton (5)
 Andy holding Micah~Carson's girlfriend (11 mo) and Carson (7 mo). Note that even though she's 4 months older, he is quite a bit bigger. LOL!

 Micah watching the big kids play. Carson was already asleep since it was after 6 pm. :)
We had so much fun and I'm so happy that I work with some great people whom I love!