Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pushing up

Carson has started pushing up. He gets frustrated after a while on his tummy because he can't do anything else. I am just so happy that he can push "all that" up!! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A good first and a bad first...

Over the past few days Carson has gotten 2 teeth~the two bottom middle ones! Those are my favorites! When he smiles I can see those two little teeth poking out! So cute! We gave him a sippy cup filled with water for the first time last Friday. He did pretty good for the first time but he is having a hard time understanding that he has to turn it up to get the water to come down to the spout.
So now that we've covered the good news, guess who had some bad news...
Lilley Grace told her first premeditated lie on Friday. :( She and her friend, "S," at preschool have a bad habit of beating up on each other. Friday, LG came home and told me that she got in trouble for pinching "S" but that she only pinched "S" because "S" pinched her first and the teacher told LG to "pinch "S" back." LG then said, "Am I still going to get a spanking?" I said, "No, not if Ms. B told you to pinch "S." I immediately picked up the phone and called the preschool where the director spoke to Ms. B and got the real story. LG and "S" were pinching each other and when Ms. B broke them up, they both said the other one pinched first. I was livid!!!! I could not believe that a 3 year old could devise a story that could get her out of trouble. I hope she understands now that I am always going to call and check her stories, so she better tell the truth!! But I am not naive enough to believe that this will be the first "story" I will be told, I just never imagined it would start so early. ;)  

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Daddy's naptime buddy

 Yesterday, I walked into the bedroom around 3 pm to find Andy and Carson taking an afternoon siesta.
Today, Peppi, LG and I went to Aberdeen, MS to visit my grandmother and Andy stayed home with Carson. I got this pic around 3 pm this afternoon. So precious! I think they enjoy taking their afternoon nap together! :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carson's 6 month stats...drum roll, please!

My BIG baby had his 6 month check up yesterday. He is a whopping 24 lbs 2 oz. He is 29.75 inches long and has a head circumference that is off the charts. Surprisingly, his weight is in the 95th percentile and by surprising I mean, I can't believe he is not off the charts in weight. However, he is off the charts for length. Dr. Lacy said he is the length of an average 1 year old. He is sitting up for a few seconds but Dr. Lacy said he is not surprised that with such a big head (which is what they try to balance when they sit up) that he is not really sitting up yet. Everything else checked out great!!! His head issue is looking so much better~praise God! His leg Hemangioma is clearing up too. He is still wheezing a bit though~Dr. Cunningham (LG's surgeon) said to put him on 1/3 tsp of Zyrtec in the morning and 1/3 tsp of Benadryl at night for a week and see how that works. Hopefully, all the drainage will clear up soon.
LG had her 2nd set of ear tubes put in yesterday and was doing fine about 30 minutes after it was over. You would never have known that she had anything done. She was bouncing all over the house. I think the teaspoon of Lortab they gave her made her high. :) She is fine though and hopefully we will have an infection free summer all around. 

Why... I let Andy bathe my child? I think I've posted pics before of the crazy things he does to her hair. Like her hair isn't crazy enough as it is, she needs her daddy putting it in funny "do's?" :) They called me in the bathroom last night to see this:
He slicked it down into a "butt-cut" and pulled a curl down in front like The Fonz. Too much bath time fun!! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

So sweet!

I went to a get together at a friend's house yesterday. Carson was getting kind of fussy because he was tired. I usually just lay him down on a bed with pillows around him if I'm at someone else's house and he sucks his fingers/cries himself to sleep. BUT Bradshaw wanted to "rock" him so she got him in her arms and rocked back and forth until he fell asleep (which only took about 2 minutes). So cute!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Slumber Party

Peppi and LG were having a "slumber party" the other night, which consisted of LG lying in the bed with my mom right before bedtime, watching Tom & Jerry. They looked too cute~I had to capture the moment. :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Counselor Appreciation!

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week and the teachers were treated fabulously all week. The other two counselors and I asked why no one "appreciated" us during Counselor Appreciation Week. We were joking but the secretaries and some other co-workers (more friends than co-workers) heard us and put together a little luncheon for us yesterday!
Ms. Hady took this picture of us and had it posted around our office with a message that read, "You Rock! We appreciate all you do!"
These are all the wonderful people (with the exception of one :) who participated in putting this together for us! Thanks y'all! We love you too!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting bigger too...

LG did a first today~her clock "turns green" at 6:45 am, signaling to her that it's OK to get out of her bed. Before 6:45 am when her clock is still yellow, she has to lay in her bed until it changes to green. In the past she has woken up and yelled for one of us if her clock is still yellow and she has to go potty. We would escort her to the bathroom and then she would pitch a fit when she had to get back in her bed until her clock turned green. A couple of times she has tee-teed in the bed because she wouldn't get up before her clock had changed. We have stressed to her that she can get up to go to the bathroom but that she must go back to bed.
This morning at 6:30 am, she got out of her bed, went potty by herself and then went back to her bed until her clocked turned green without having to be told. She is getting so big!
Another funny story, we let her watch Toy Story several months ago and she would ask to watch parts of it while she was eating or when she had rest time. I have never seen it before but it's a children's movie/cartoon so I thought it would be fine. One day her teacher told me that LG told one of her friends that she was going to shoot him. I was mortified! I told the teacher that we don't talk about those kinds of things in our house and that I couldn't imagine where she got that from. When we got out to the car, I asked LG where she heard that from and she replied, "Buzz and Woody say it." Well, that was it for Toy Story. I told her she could not watch it because she was not big enough yet, that it was for older kids. She has been asking me everyday if she is "big enough" yet to watch Buzz and Woody. She wanted to wash herself and her hair last night in the bathtub and told my mom she was sorry that she could not wash her but that she had to get bigger so she could watch Buzz and Woody!!! The mind of a 3 year old is so precious!! 

6 months already??!!

I cannot believe it! It is just going way too fast!!! Carson was 6 months old yesterday! He goes for his 6 month check-up next week so I'll post his stats then. He is still huge, growing out of 12 month clothes! We changed his eating schedule over the weekend. I like to do everything over a weekend so if it gets crazy, I have time to rethink it. :) He is now eating 8 oz every 4 hours~6 am, 10 am, 2 pm, and 6 pm. He gets 1 jar of stage 2 fruit at 9 am and 1 jar of stage 2 veggies at 5 pm. He still sleeps from 6:15 pm~6 am when Andy usually has to wake him up. No telling what time he'd get up if it were up to him. He is rolling over from tummy to back regularly, very rarely he will roll from back to front. Last night when I went in to check on him, he was sleeping on his side for the first time~and holding his little blanket in his hands!! :) So cute!! No teeth yet but we believe he is working on a couple on the bottom. He is still the sweetest little thing ever! He is always so happy. The woman who took his 6 month pics said he kept sticking his tongue out. She said she tried to push it back in his mouth but he kept sticking it out. I told her that when he smiles his tongue comes out~that's just him. :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Been doing a few things...

The first Monday of every month for the past 3 years has been devoted to cooking club. Last Monday we all met at my sweet friend, Katie's house. Since there are 12 girls in the group sometimes we have to improvise with seating arrangements. I thought this was hilarious! Kim had to sit in one of Katie's son's chairs at the coffee table! How cute is that?!
I went to get Carson from daycare the other day and Ms. Monica showed me this picture of he and his little friend holding hands on the mat! Precious!
 I took LG and her friend (who lives in our neighborhood) across to the Primary school so they could play on the playground.
They are only a few weeks apart in age and are beginning to play really well together.
Went to a work function last Saturday and had a GREAT time!! I won't go into details but we will definitely be talking about that night for a long time!
Me and Hady
Hady, Holmes, and I
My mom can't hold Carson very much because he is as big as she is :) so when she does have him, I have to take a quick pic.
Andy and I went to Kingsbury's prom weekend before last! He bought me a corsage and took me to dinner before! It was just like when we went to prom 18 years ago!! Yep, that's right, 18 years ago!!
Hady, Bradshaw, Dr.Williams, and I
Fun times!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A football player and a cheerleader!

Andy and I got "Most School Spirited" in high school and this scenario is a "Most School Spirited" couple's dream come true! We put LG in an elevator and she LOVED it!! Alabama cheer squad~here we come!!!!!

And this player in the making. I mean, how else can you explain such a big baby?! I think it's quite ironic that I prayed for a football player since baseball is such a big thing in Southaven (and I hate don't really care for that sport) and everybody that sees Carson says, "He's going to be a football player!" More proof to me that you can pray for anything and that God definitely has a sense of humor! :)
Here's a few pics of my linebacker playing with his teething toy.
I love to chew on those cheeks and he just smiles and giggles when I do it. I think that means he enjoys it as much as I do. :) 
Bella is making a cameo in the back of this one.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tumble Time!!!

Lilley Grace has been taking tumble at her school all year. Last Saturday, she had a tumble show! She showed off all the tricks she has learned over the past several months. Her class lined up and each student did forward rolls, straddle rolls, bunny hops, and walked the floor level balance beam. They were so cute!! 
Then they all went and sat on their "numbers" and came up one or two at a time to show tricks individually.
LG doing her "bridge," aka back bend.
LG doing her headstand.
Several of our family and friends came to watch her! :)
 Here we all are supporting our sweet girl!!

Last but not least, I asked LG to pose for a picture and this is what she did!! Puckered lips and all!!!! Gotta love that sassy~ness!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Girls' Night Out

Some of my girlfriends and I needed a little time away last Thursday night. We went to a Mexican restaurant, sat on the patio, ate good food, had great conversation and drank wonderful frozen beverages!

I love getting together with these girls! (although a few were missing!!) I felt so refreshed after I left.
From left to right:
Kim, Rebekah, Jennie, Katie  
We tried so hard to get some peace and quiet but the Mariachi band played nonstop for about 2 hours right beside our table!! We had a good time though!

Friday, May 4, 2012

It pays to know an MPD officer!!

Officer Holmes is the MPD officer stationed at Kingsbury High. He is so great! We all love him! He has such a sweet spirit. Towards the end of my pregnancy earlier this year, any time any one would call for him, he would get nervous that I was in labor!! LOL! He is also a pastor of a church in South Memphis and has a few words of wisdom every now and again! :) We have had some deep theological discussions and a few have been very heated but in the end we both LOVE CHRIST so that's what really matters. We have gotten pretty close this year and I can see us being friends for a very long time.

Roll on!!

Carson almost rolled all the way over today but he got stuck. Andy caught it on camera!! His arm got stuck under him and he ended up giving up and rolling back on his back. I am just so happy he can get his fat self over at all!! LOL!!! I'm sure he'll roll all the way soon.
Speaking of big ole baby~I picked him up early from daycare Wednesday for a dr's appointment and Ms. Valerie had him in her lap feeding him. I said, "Oh my gosh!! He is HUGE! He looks bigger to me when someone else is holding him! Hold on, let me go get my camera!!" Is this a 2 year old or a 5 month old??!!
Lilley Grace's teacher took this picture of LG while she was taking her nap at school the other day. She said her headband kept falling into her face! :) She looks like she's about to do some jazzercize!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Andy knows me so well...

and he should after almost 20 years of dating/marriage! The other day he was cutting a yard and saw this:
a mama and daddy goose walking their babies across Riverdale (6 lanes of traffic), up the hill to the lake. He jumped off the mower and took this picture. He then sent it to me via text. I just about died!!! So freaking cute!!!! He knew I would be so happy to see them. It brightened my day!  

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zoo party

Last Saturday my little cousin, Harrison, had his 2 year old b-day party at the zoo. LG was so excited! We got to go through and see the animals. I thought his one was so cute!!! If you look closely there is a sweet red panda sleeping across the branch.
LG and Kennedy played in the fountain and got soaked!! LG had to take her skirt off and sit on a burp cloth on the way home!
 Our cousin (and Aunt to the b-day boy), Missy, made the Lego cake. It was so good!! Some of the Legos were chocolate and some were vanilla. YUMMY!
 This is the b-day boy, Harrison, and his mama, (my cousin) Jennifer.
 Harrison's daddy, Jon and Harrison.
 This is Aunt Penny ( aka "Kay")~Jennifer's mama, my aunt and Harrison's grandmother holding LG.
 This is Kennedy, Harrison's sister and our cousin.
My mama and her sister.
 Kennedy and LG riding a zoo ride.
 Our friend, Roselynn, holding Carson.
We had such a good time spending time with family and friends and seeing all the animals.