Monday, May 14, 2012

Been doing a few things...

The first Monday of every month for the past 3 years has been devoted to cooking club. Last Monday we all met at my sweet friend, Katie's house. Since there are 12 girls in the group sometimes we have to improvise with seating arrangements. I thought this was hilarious! Kim had to sit in one of Katie's son's chairs at the coffee table! How cute is that?!
I went to get Carson from daycare the other day and Ms. Monica showed me this picture of he and his little friend holding hands on the mat! Precious!
 I took LG and her friend (who lives in our neighborhood) across to the Primary school so they could play on the playground.
They are only a few weeks apart in age and are beginning to play really well together.
Went to a work function last Saturday and had a GREAT time!! I won't go into details but we will definitely be talking about that night for a long time!
Me and Hady
Hady, Holmes, and I
My mom can't hold Carson very much because he is as big as she is :) so when she does have him, I have to take a quick pic.
Andy and I went to Kingsbury's prom weekend before last! He bought me a corsage and took me to dinner before! It was just like when we went to prom 18 years ago!! Yep, that's right, 18 years ago!!
Hady, Bradshaw, Dr.Williams, and I
Fun times!!!

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  1. I was wondering when this picture would show cooking club nights!