Thursday, May 10, 2012

A football player and a cheerleader!

Andy and I got "Most School Spirited" in high school and this scenario is a "Most School Spirited" couple's dream come true! We put LG in an elevator and she LOVED it!! Alabama cheer squad~here we come!!!!!

And this player in the making. I mean, how else can you explain such a big baby?! I think it's quite ironic that I prayed for a football player since baseball is such a big thing in Southaven (and I hate don't really care for that sport) and everybody that sees Carson says, "He's going to be a football player!" More proof to me that you can pray for anything and that God definitely has a sense of humor! :)
Here's a few pics of my linebacker playing with his teething toy.
I love to chew on those cheeks and he just smiles and giggles when I do it. I think that means he enjoys it as much as I do. :) 
Bella is making a cameo in the back of this one.

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