Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A good first and a bad first...

Over the past few days Carson has gotten 2 teeth~the two bottom middle ones! Those are my favorites! When he smiles I can see those two little teeth poking out! So cute! We gave him a sippy cup filled with water for the first time last Friday. He did pretty good for the first time but he is having a hard time understanding that he has to turn it up to get the water to come down to the spout.
So now that we've covered the good news, guess who had some bad news...
Lilley Grace told her first premeditated lie on Friday. :( She and her friend, "S," at preschool have a bad habit of beating up on each other. Friday, LG came home and told me that she got in trouble for pinching "S" but that she only pinched "S" because "S" pinched her first and the teacher told LG to "pinch "S" back." LG then said, "Am I still going to get a spanking?" I said, "No, not if Ms. B told you to pinch "S." I immediately picked up the phone and called the preschool where the director spoke to Ms. B and got the real story. LG and "S" were pinching each other and when Ms. B broke them up, they both said the other one pinched first. I was livid!!!! I could not believe that a 3 year old could devise a story that could get her out of trouble. I hope she understands now that I am always going to call and check her stories, so she better tell the truth!! But I am not naive enough to believe that this will be the first "story" I will be told, I just never imagined it would start so early. ;)  

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  1. YAY for sippy cups.

    Kids start so early with the stories. It's unreal. I'm glad you verified the story with the teacher though. I'm sure she'll use this a learning lesson and hopefully neither the pinching nor the story telling will become a habit!