Friday, May 4, 2012

Roll on!!

Carson almost rolled all the way over today but he got stuck. Andy caught it on camera!! His arm got stuck under him and he ended up giving up and rolling back on his back. I am just so happy he can get his fat self over at all!! LOL!!! I'm sure he'll roll all the way soon.
Speaking of big ole baby~I picked him up early from daycare Wednesday for a dr's appointment and Ms. Valerie had him in her lap feeding him. I said, "Oh my gosh!! He is HUGE! He looks bigger to me when someone else is holding him! Hold on, let me go get my camera!!" Is this a 2 year old or a 5 month old??!!
Lilley Grace's teacher took this picture of LG while she was taking her nap at school the other day. She said her headband kept falling into her face! :) She looks like she's about to do some jazzercize!!

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  1. That's great Carson is rollin'! Gabe rolled over completely about a week and a half ago. What stopped him was his arm getting caught underneath him! You'll have to come see him, he rolls over like a pro now!