Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Zoo party

Last Saturday my little cousin, Harrison, had his 2 year old b-day party at the zoo. LG was so excited! We got to go through and see the animals. I thought his one was so cute!!! If you look closely there is a sweet red panda sleeping across the branch.
LG and Kennedy played in the fountain and got soaked!! LG had to take her skirt off and sit on a burp cloth on the way home!
 Our cousin (and Aunt to the b-day boy), Missy, made the Lego cake. It was so good!! Some of the Legos were chocolate and some were vanilla. YUMMY!
 This is the b-day boy, Harrison, and his mama, (my cousin) Jennifer.
 Harrison's daddy, Jon and Harrison.
 This is Aunt Penny ( aka "Kay")~Jennifer's mama, my aunt and Harrison's grandmother holding LG.
 This is Kennedy, Harrison's sister and our cousin.
My mama and her sister.
 Kennedy and LG riding a zoo ride.
 Our friend, Roselynn, holding Carson.
We had such a good time spending time with family and friends and seeing all the animals.

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