Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Carson's 6 month stats...drum roll, please!

My BIG baby had his 6 month check up yesterday. He is a whopping 24 lbs 2 oz. He is 29.75 inches long and has a head circumference that is off the charts. Surprisingly, his weight is in the 95th percentile and by surprising I mean, I can't believe he is not off the charts in weight. However, he is off the charts for length. Dr. Lacy said he is the length of an average 1 year old. He is sitting up for a few seconds but Dr. Lacy said he is not surprised that with such a big head (which is what they try to balance when they sit up) that he is not really sitting up yet. Everything else checked out great!!! His head issue is looking so much better~praise God! His leg Hemangioma is clearing up too. He is still wheezing a bit though~Dr. Cunningham (LG's surgeon) said to put him on 1/3 tsp of Zyrtec in the morning and 1/3 tsp of Benadryl at night for a week and see how that works. Hopefully, all the drainage will clear up soon.
LG had her 2nd set of ear tubes put in yesterday and was doing fine about 30 minutes after it was over. You would never have known that she had anything done. She was bouncing all over the house. I think the teaspoon of Lortab they gave her made her high. :) She is fine though and hopefully we will have an infection free summer all around. 

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  1. Glad LG's surgery went well.

    Can't believe how big your little guy is getting!