Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting bigger too...

LG did a first today~her clock "turns green" at 6:45 am, signaling to her that it's OK to get out of her bed. Before 6:45 am when her clock is still yellow, she has to lay in her bed until it changes to green. In the past she has woken up and yelled for one of us if her clock is still yellow and she has to go potty. We would escort her to the bathroom and then she would pitch a fit when she had to get back in her bed until her clock turned green. A couple of times she has tee-teed in the bed because she wouldn't get up before her clock had changed. We have stressed to her that she can get up to go to the bathroom but that she must go back to bed.
This morning at 6:30 am, she got out of her bed, went potty by herself and then went back to her bed until her clocked turned green without having to be told. She is getting so big!
Another funny story, we let her watch Toy Story several months ago and she would ask to watch parts of it while she was eating or when she had rest time. I have never seen it before but it's a children's movie/cartoon so I thought it would be fine. One day her teacher told me that LG told one of her friends that she was going to shoot him. I was mortified! I told the teacher that we don't talk about those kinds of things in our house and that I couldn't imagine where she got that from. When we got out to the car, I asked LG where she heard that from and she replied, "Buzz and Woody say it." Well, that was it for Toy Story. I told her she could not watch it because she was not big enough yet, that it was for older kids. She has been asking me everyday if she is "big enough" yet to watch Buzz and Woody. She wanted to wash herself and her hair last night in the bathtub and told my mom she was sorry that she could not wash her but that she had to get bigger so she could watch Buzz and Woody!!! The mind of a 3 year old is so precious!! 

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