Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tumble Time!!!

Lilley Grace has been taking tumble at her school all year. Last Saturday, she had a tumble show! She showed off all the tricks she has learned over the past several months. Her class lined up and each student did forward rolls, straddle rolls, bunny hops, and walked the floor level balance beam. They were so cute!! 
Then they all went and sat on their "numbers" and came up one or two at a time to show tricks individually.
LG doing her "bridge," aka back bend.
LG doing her headstand.
Several of our family and friends came to watch her! :)
 Here we all are supporting our sweet girl!!

Last but not least, I asked LG to pose for a picture and this is what she did!! Puckered lips and all!!!! Gotta love that sassy~ness!

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