Monday, February 10, 2014

Allergies & CMOM

I have been having allergy problems since I was in my early 20's but ever since I had Carson, they just seemed to get worse and worse. Finally after one week of sleepless nights and coughing my head off, I made an appointment with an allergist. They poked me about 40 times and then gave me 10 little shots to figure out exactly what was going on. I am allergic to dust, dogs, and cats. Since dust is year round and I'm not getting rid of my dog, I am now taking Claritin once a day, using nasal steroids twice a day, and I start allergy shots next week~once a week for at least a year. I am so happy to finally be on a path to controlling these allergies.
 Here's my arm while I was waiting to see if I would react to anything. As you can see in the bottom right, there is a red swollen place~reaction to dust.
Saturday, we decided to take the kids to the Children's Museum of Memphis (CMOM). It's an expensive way to kill a couple of hours with two kids who NEVER stop!
 Future pilots??? Lord, help us. :)
Carson in the back of the police car...I hope to never see that again.
 Andy asked LG to take a pic with the internal organs shirt on and she was NOT having it. I managed to get a quick shot while she was pouting. LOL!
Carson had a blast in the grocery store. He wanted to get all the groceries down himself and put them up himself. He refused to let me help him.
Couldn't you eat that little face up?!
Carson also found the lego room, but did he play with the legos? No...he found the broom and dustpan that had been left in there by the cleaning crew and proceeded to sweep under the tables! ;)
Their favorite place by far (Andy included) was the room where you shove scarves and balls in a vacuum tube, they travel through the tube, and shoot out of the top.
You can see they are all looking up, waiting for the stuff to shoot out of the tube!
Expensive but fun. Maybe we'll get a membership when the sprinkler park opens up. :)