Thursday, March 21, 2013

Puerto Rico Part 1...

 Andy and I went to San Juan, Puerto Rico last week for 5 days during spring break. 4 other couples went with us~no kids! We had a blast! It was the perfect mix of personalities and we all just had a laid back, fun, exciting adventure. So much so that I have to break this up in to 2 posts because there is just way too much to show to get it all into one. ;)
We started out on Sunday morning at 6:30 am~flying from Memphis to Atlanta.
 We had a 7 hour lay-over that turned into a 10 hour lay-over because our first plane had technical air-conditioning issues, which translated into extreme anxiety for me (scared to fly) which then turned into too many a few cocktails to relax me. You can see the progression in these pics...
 1. At a restaurant having a glass of wine.
 2. On the first plane after a couple of glasses.
 3. Waiting to board a new, improved, functioning plane, having another glass of wine and look!...I found a friend. This is Dan, the random guy who I sat down with in the Atlanta airport and had an hour and a half long conversation with. Hmmm....feeling less anxious by now. ;)
 OK~let's fast forward to getting to Puerto Rico :).
 This is our beautiful 8 bedroom/6 bathroom house. It was awesome. The rooms were beautiful, the back patio and private pool were perfect. We had two kitchens and two huge wrap around 2nd level porches in the front and back of the house. We were 50 yards from the beach which was never crowded or touristy. The temps were in the low to mid 80's~sunny and breezy~and this time of year is considered San Juan's winter!
 Tanya and I in the 1st floor kitchen
 We rented two cars and drove all over the city. It only took us a day to get used to the driving and to figure out how to get around and where all the good stuff was.
Me and Brian in the backseat on the way to tour Old San Juan with Andy and Carrie.
We had one hiccup~the first full day/night we were there, Tina slipped on the tile stairs (you can see the tile in this pic) and hit her head causing her to have to get 9 stitches and a CT scan at the local hospital. Luckily, it wasn't any worse and she had a great time the rest of the trip.
Tina and Tanya
This was taken in Old San Juan after dinner with the whole group.
These are just random pics; all the good pics are on Andy's phone so once I download them, I will post our snorkeling trip, rain forest tour, Old San Juan tour, etc. So much more to share!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet baby Bryson

My cousin and very dear friend, Jennifer, had a precious baby boy on Thursday, March 7th. I couldn't get to the hospital fast enough! I am having a little bit of baby fever even though Andy and I chose to take the proper steps to try to keep from getting pregnant again, it doesn't stop me from missing my children being in the baby stage. I wanted to hold that baby and did for a good hour. ;)
Who doesn't love a newborn~they have a distinct sweet smell (unless they've pooped, which is a distinct smell of it's own :), they sleep all the time, snuggle up to you without trying to wiggle away from you, can't argue with you, make the sweetest little sounds, etc. etc. etc...
 Lilley Grace wanted to be right next to Jennifer the entire time. She took her shoes off as soon as we got in the room and just climbed right up in the bed. OK...make yourself comfortable.
 Jennifer, Bryson, and her oldest daughter, Kennedy
 Bryson and mama~still beautiful after a day of labor :)
 Kennedy and baby brother~she's a little mama, always helping with her two younger brothers, definitely wise beyond her years in some respects
I could've held him all day!
Jennifer and I are 3 months apart~she's older (ha!)~and have always been super close. I am so glad our kids love each other and we live close enough that they can grow up in the same city and the same schools.. Never would've thought dancing on the stage at Senses that 5 years later we would have 5 kids between us but I love it and look forward to watching them grow up together!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two little monkeys laying in the bed...

Andy sent me this pic this morning when he was getting the kids up to get ready for the day. Aren't they so sweet together? Thank you Jesus, another prayer answered. ;)

Who's going to Nursing School?

I have decided through MUCH prayer and program searching to start a path to Nursing school. I applied to a nights/weekends program through Baptist because I need to continue to work full-time while going to school. This program was for people who already have a Bachelor's degree in another field to get a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in 2 years. However, the semester that I was to begin, the program was shut down. :( So, I looked in to EVERY other program in the Memphis/Mid-South area where I could build on my current Bachelor's to acquire a Bachelor's in Nursing in the shortest amount of time possible. :) All of the current BSN programs are full time day hiss! :( So, I decided to go through Southwest TN Community College to get my RN license and Associates Degree of Applied Science (having a little difficulty with having 2 Bachelor's Degrees, a Master's, and an Ed.S. and starting over at an Associates degree but it's just a stepping stone in the process, right?). I would then like to transfer over to UT Medical to enter their RN to BSN program which is a 17 month part time program~meaning I can either still work as a school counselor or as an RN if I get hired at LeBonheur Children's Hospital. That is where I ultimately want to be~in the NICU at LeBonheur with the sweet babies. :)
So yes, I have begun a journey down a totally different path, it may work out and things may change but I am going to take one day at a time and see what God has planned for me.