Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet baby Bryson

My cousin and very dear friend, Jennifer, had a precious baby boy on Thursday, March 7th. I couldn't get to the hospital fast enough! I am having a little bit of baby fever even though Andy and I chose to take the proper steps to try to keep from getting pregnant again, it doesn't stop me from missing my children being in the baby stage. I wanted to hold that baby and did for a good hour. ;)
Who doesn't love a newborn~they have a distinct sweet smell (unless they've pooped, which is a distinct smell of it's own :), they sleep all the time, snuggle up to you without trying to wiggle away from you, can't argue with you, make the sweetest little sounds, etc. etc. etc...
 Lilley Grace wanted to be right next to Jennifer the entire time. She took her shoes off as soon as we got in the room and just climbed right up in the bed. OK...make yourself comfortable.
 Jennifer, Bryson, and her oldest daughter, Kennedy
 Bryson and mama~still beautiful after a day of labor :)
 Kennedy and baby brother~she's a little mama, always helping with her two younger brothers, definitely wise beyond her years in some respects
I could've held him all day!
Jennifer and I are 3 months apart~she's older (ha!)~and have always been super close. I am so glad our kids love each other and we live close enough that they can grow up in the same city and the same schools.. Never would've thought dancing on the stage at Senses that 5 years later we would have 5 kids between us but I love it and look forward to watching them grow up together!

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