Friday, May 13, 2016

It's been too long!

 I can't believe I haven't blogged in 5 months!! That is ridiculous. I love to look back at what the kids were doing and crazy things they said so the fact that I have neglected this space for such a long time is unacceptable. So...let me try to catch up. The pictures are in the order in which they occurred.
Once it warms up the tiniest bit the kids are ready to get outside when they get home from school. We stay out until around 7 every night. We have always been that family who eats later than everyone else, especially in the spring and summer. It's hard to get everybody in (including me) when it's still light outside.
Carson hooked the trailer up to his bike and then tried to ride off with it. LOL!
 Lilley Grace had a Fairy Tale ball at her school in March. She dressed as Anna from Frozen.
 Then it was Easter. So early this year!
We went to our church's Easter egg hunt and Carson found the golden egg in his age group! He picked a stuffed lamb out of the prize box.
 Easter pics at church
 In this picture, Carson reminds me of the Grinch when he smiles. It's so hard to get him to smile. He'll say he doesn't remember how to...then he gives these goofy grins. See pics above and below...
We've also been spending a ton of time with this little beauty! I'm her unofficial Aunt. My BFF moved into our neighborhood and I get to see her everyday if I want to! Alisha and I have lived in the same neighborhood or the same house for 25+ years. Kenzie Jo is my heart! 
 We've been to some of Alisha's son, Alex's, baseball games. My kids love her kids. Carson is up to the fence talking to Alex.
 LG and Kenzie
 Our cousins, Harrison, and Bryson, had their birthday parties at the skating rink. Carson did not want to wear the skates after about 2 minutes. He said, "These things make me fall down."
He makes this face all the time when he is thinking or trying hard to do something. When he and Andy both make it it shows just how much they look alike.
 LG pushing Bryson around.
 Both kids sang at church on April 10. This was Carson's first time to get up in front of everyone. He was so cute!
 I broke my toe 3 weeks ago. :( LG stopped in front of me and I ran into the back of her foot with my toes. The middle one snapped. I have been walking around in a walking shoe for 3 weeks~annoying! At least I had just had a pedi. :)
 LG's church choir put on a musical. It was too cute.
 Andy and LG went to Life Church for Daddy/Daughter date night. She got a manicure, got her face painted, and they played games. Then they went to dinner at Ciao Bella afterward. They had so much fun. LG picked out this dress and wouldn't let Andy see it until she was all dressed. My heart smiled.
 Kingsbury's prom was at the end of April. We always have so much fun people watching and just being silly. My sister-girl, the ebony to my ivory, Tamara Bradshaw.
 Mama and I took the kids to see Mamee for Mother's Day. The kids are so sweet with her.
 Andy went out off town to play golf with my cousin in Birmingham the first weekend in May and I went to a shrimp boil with our usual crew. Kids, dogs, shrimps, and all. :)
 LG sang with the "big" choir last Sunday for their final performance of this semester.
 And yesterday, LG's spotlight class had a Civil War themed Garden Party. She loved wearing this dress we borrowed from her best friend, Ellie.
We are off to Florida next week for a much needed family vacation! I can't wait to post pics of that experience!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas

 Oh how I LOVE Christmas time! I start to listen to Christmas music exclusively in my car from the day after Thanksgiving until the day after Christmas. I love all the parties and fun activities for the kids with our church and all the fun at my work. 
I insist on getting a real tree from a tree farm. This year we went to Cedar Hill Farms in Hernando, MS.
 We took a hay ride out to the trees
Andy found this tree and said it wasn't that big!! I told him to stand beside it so he could see how big it was.
Before and after :) Andy watched a video on You Tube on how to put the ribbon on the tree. :) Hilarious! But he did a good job.
He also made this wreath! This is the sort of thing that happens when it rains and he can't work. LOL!!! But I do love that it makes the house a little more festive.
Our elves are back too! I'll have to post on some of their activities/mischief soon! ;)

Friday, December 4, 2015

4 year check-up

Carson had his 4 year check up last Monday. 
We love his doctor, Dr. Michael Lacy. He is so good with the kids. Carson and him are always in their own world during the appointments. It's like I'm just there to observe. :)
Carson weighs 48 lbs~off the charts
Height~44 inches~off the charts
He has NEVER been on the charts but Dr. Lacy said as long as he is consistently off the charts, then it's fine. :) He met all his developmental milestones. The only concern is that his voice is always raspy and it always has been. Lots of people say they love his "Godfather" voice. Dr. Lacy said we should see an ENT to make sure it's not vocal chord nodules that need to be removed. We have an appointment next Monday so keep us in your prayers, please. 
He got 4 shots and let me tell you, he was NOT happy. We could've waited until 5 but I felt like he was still young enough that he really didn't understand what was about to happen and maybe by 5 he would be more aware, which could be difficult. He laid there so sweetly until the first shot and then, Lord, he went CRAZY!!! He screamed so loud and so hard that he lost his voice. He got a shot in both legs and both arms. I took him to Orange Leaf Yogurt shop afterwards. He was sore. As we were leaving he said, "I'm sorry mama." I asked him why and he said, "because I can't jump anymore." (He has to jump a little when I pick him up because he's so big.) Sweet baby! I told him it was OK, I would pick him up anyway! Love that sweet boy!

Monday, November 16, 2015

This birthday was a tough one!

Carson is 4...ugh...that's so hard to type. Truly, I'm happy he's healthy and thriving and growing and all that but he's my last baby and he's not a baby anymore. Sigh...ok, enough of that. 
We celebrated his birthday Saturday at Bounz. He wanted a Paw Patrol theme, specifically Rubble, the dog with the "diggers." My cousin, Missy, made a perfect cake and my friend, Stacey, made some Paw Patrol cookies. Both were so good.
 The kids~and a few adults :)~had a blast jumping and sliding.
 Nate the Great
 Carson climbing up the slide wall
 Andy, Carson, & LG coming down the big slide together
 The rest of the adults
 Getting ready to blow out the candles
 His sweet little face while we were singing Happy Birthday
 His actual birthday was Sunday so we got up early and had "birthday donuts" before church.
 A few things he is doing now that I don't want to forget: 
He loves tractors, Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, and most every show that LG watches. He has the biggest heart when it comes to helping others. He loves to help his sister and he actually calls her "sister," which I absolutely love. He calls me his best friend and will say we're not best friends anymore if I punish him. ;) He puts a D in a lot of words, i.e., counder (counter), kendal (kennel). He still carries around his Pup Pup and sucks his 2 middle fingers on his left hand. I know I should be trying to get him to stop that but it's just so cute. Bad mama alert!!! I still carry him when he wants to be picked up and I will as long as my back can handle it! He can be so bad, which everyone chalks up to the fact that he's a boy. He gets mad when he doesn't get his way and tries to swat or kick AT the person. He never actually hits but he acts like he is. I kept telling him yesterday that he is 4 now and he needed to act like a big boy but every time I said it I almost choked. I would be totally fine if he stayed my sweet little baby forever but I know that's not possible...he's going to keep growing and one day he'll be a man...uh oh, here come the tears...but today he still lets me lay with him before he goes to sleep and sing to him and rub his back and cuddle with him so I'll focus on day at a time.  

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Softball and Pumpkin Carving

LG has ALWAYS wanted to play softball. She used to go out in our front yard when she was about 2 and see the boys next door playing baseball and she was hooked. Every time I would go to sign her up I had either missed the deadline or would be reminded that softball is a Spring sport. But this year her school sent a flyer home for a month long Fall ball clinic that the high school softball team was holding and I signed her right up. She has absolutely LOVED it! After her first game she said that she wanted to play competitive ball and college ball. I said, "Let's just get through your first rec season." :)
Practicing catching
 Practicing throwing
 First game and first run scored~look how EXCITED she is!!!! I can truly say she has been more excited about playing softball than any other sport she's tried.
 Her favorite coach, Callie. Callie made sure LG had #1 on her shirt because Callie is #1 on the HS softball team! We love her!
 Andy and the kids carving pumpkins. We had to wait until 5 days before Halloween because it's been so hot (80's) and we didn't want our pumpkins to rot before Halloween.
 Carson designed the face and Andy cut it out...kind of looks like him doesn't it? :)
 LG designed her pumpkin and I helped her cut it out. So cute!
 Pumpkins on the porch
 Just a cute pic to end on...too precious not to post. :)
Halloween pics to come!