Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 13 update & business

I am 13 weeks today and oh how much better I feel!!! I usually only get sick once a day now around 8 pm. I think that's because by that time I am so tired and I have been at work, played with LG, bathed her, put her to bed, and probably haven't had a chance to eat yet. I still fit in my regular clothes and although I started poking out fairly early (9 weeks), I really haven't grown that much since. I didn't keep up with any of this the first time around so I am not sure if that's how it was then or not. I gained 28 lbs the first time (and was back down to as close to pre-pregancy weight as I was ever going to be after 2 weeks, i.e. 2lbs more which is where I stayed until I got pregnant again) so I definitely don't want to go over that! I still don't have a whole lot of energy but maybe that will slowly return or maybe it won't because I have a VERY active 2 year old! I'm craving orange juice, root beer, cheese, and anything fried~sugar, sugar, fat, fat~ I'm sure all that will help to keep the weight down :). I eat about 6 times a day. For example, I have oatmeal or a plain biscuit from McDonald's for breakfast and a huge glass of OJ, mini wheats at around 10, lunch (sandwich and chips) around 12, a snack (orange) around 2, some other snack around 5 when LG eats dinner, and then dinner somewhere around 8. Then straight to bed~again, a good plan for keeping the weight off. :) Still having headaches about every other day. I am also not drinking any water, which I need to start doing regularly! I'm still able to sleep in all position (stomach and flat on my back) and am taking full advantage of that while I still can! I am also sleeping well, with the exception of the few nighttime potty breaks but I go right back to sleep. Overall, things are pretty good right now.

Weekend funny~Saturday night Andy was on the phone with a customer so he went in our bedroom so he could hear better. LG tried to go into the room. I told her that she couldn't go in there because Daddy was on the phone with business. She said, "I wanna talk to bus-i-ness!"

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