Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a fun weekend! Saturday LG and I went to a crawfish boil and saw lots of friends. She got to jump in a big bouncy house, which is one of her most favorite things to do in the whole world!!! She jumped for 2 hours and occasionally came out to eat a pizza roll. I got to socialize with some girlfriends and eat really good food! BTW~preganacy can make things taste/smell awful but it can also make some things taste SOOOOOOO good! Where was Andy? Where else but at the Grizzlies game?!!! He loves basketball and has had the opportunity to see the Grizz play in two of their play-off games here in Memphis. So he got to see them come back from a 16 point deficit, go into overtime and beat the Thunder! How exciting!!

Sunday was Mother's Day, of course. LG made me a picture frame at school with my picture in it and it said, "World's Best Mom." She also gave me a card that she made, a card that was purchased (with her own money, I'm sure :) and a gift card to Gould's--who doesn't want a maternity massage when they're preggers????!!!! We went to church, hung out with my mom (Peppi) and played outside. Then Andy grilled out for us. It was nice!

Funny story~LG came into our bedroom last night with her "Foxy" and blanket. She told Andy and I that she didn't feel good, wanted to lay in our bed and asked us to cover her up. Andy said, "Well, what's wrong?" She said, "my tummy hurts." He said, "What is making your tummy hurt?" and she said, "The baby is making my tummy hurt." Oh my gosh~I thought I was going to die!! Maybe I say that a little too often :) My cousin got it on video so maybe she'll send it to me and I can try to figure out how to post it :)