Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Carson's room & 26 weeks

We have started to work on Carson's room and by "we," I mean Lilley Grace and Andy. They do the labor, I do the decorating. :) As you can see, LG is very involved in the process. She insisted that she needed to help paint her baby brother's room, you know, so it would get done right! Andy is so sweet and patient and let her paint right alongside him. She stayed in one area the majority of the time so that area may be a little darker than the rest of the room but there will be a good story behind it.

LG's new furniture should be arriving this weekend so her bed, changing table/dresser, and bookshelf will move to Carson's room and she'll have a new room too. :) I'll post pics as soon as we get that done.

Andy taught her how to get the excess off the brush. Not that she didn't still have it ALL over her hands AND feet!!
I am now at 26 weeks and still feeling good, except for having an allergy flair up this week. That makes it a little harder to sleep. I go to the dr next week so I will post the results of my glucose test and appt stats after that.

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