Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LG and her new room

Lilley Grace now has a whole new "big girl" room! I ordered her bed from Pottery Barn Kids but a good friend of ours, Ryan Hays, made the bookshelf and the dresser! They both look amazing, like I ordered them straight from PBK!! Thanks, Ryan!!!
I got a little emotional the first night that she had her new bed. I went in after she fell asleep and just looked at her. I thought about how big she has gotten and how she is not a baby anymore. We talk about how she needs to "act like a big girl" but I never really thought about the fact that she is growing up. Sigh...

She loves her new room!! It also makes me feel better as I am doing stuff for Carson's room and getting new things for him that she is getting new things too. She has been trying so hard to understand all the changes and why I can't pick her up or jump on the bed with her or chase her around the house, etc but of course, she is three and it's hard for her. We are trying to do the best we can to talk with her and prepare for even more drastic changes when Carson actually gets here.
We haven't quite finished Carson's room yet but as soon as we do I'll post pics.

I just had to add this pic~LG picked up the strainer the other day and put it on her head. She said, "Hat!" Then she put it on my head!! I thought it was too funny!

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