Wednesday, August 24, 2011

27 weeks

I went to the dr today. I have gained 14 lbs up to this point, BP was good (but that was taken at my therapist's office 2 days prior ;), I had to drink that awful glucose drink! YUCK!!!! I won't know the results for a few days. Dr. Peeler said Carson's heartbeat sounded great! He said he would monitor the growth of the baby towards the end to see if I need a C-section. I delivered LG the "regular" way but had some damage so to speak so he said if Carson is big, we might want to go the C-section route.
I am starting to get tired, kind of like the 1st trimester. I always try to find a time to fit a nap in but that hardly ever happens with a 3 year old. I asked Dr. Peeler if it was OK for me to continue to pick LG up since she weighs 35 lbs and he said, yes, as long as I don't break my back. LOL! I am starting to get back aches and go to the bathroom more frequently at night. Fun times!!

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