Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy, Busy Weekend

This weekend, like many of our other weekends lately, was full of places for us to be. Saturday morning LG had a b-day party for a church friend. We went to their house where she got to jump in a bounce house (which is probably her favorite thing to do right now!) and she got to play with several of her friends.
Here she is in full jumping mode!
Here is one of her friends stopping just long enough to get a drink from his mommy. I thought this was HILARIOUS!!
LG also asked me to take her picture and when I looked at it after I had taken it, I felt like the picture was in 3D and her curls were coming to attack me!!!
Lastly, before we left we had to get a picture of LG with her closest friend in both age (1 day apart) and because they just love being with each other!! Her friend's family is moving away in a week (see previous post) and we are both very sad. I just know they'll be back in a few years though :)

Sunday we went to church and then went to Andy's dad's to celebrate Father's Day. We grilled out and spent time playing outside. Thanks for a great day, PeePaw and DeeDee!! We love y'all!!!
I also spent some time by myself in the afternoon thinking of my dad and reflecting on the time I had with him. I miss you and I love you, Dad!!!

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