Tuesday, June 21, 2011

18 week update

Here I am at 18 weeks and I finally feel like I look pregnant. For several weeks people would say, "Oh my gosh, I can't even tell you're pregnant!" So at that time I'm thinking, even though I've gained at least 10 pounds (which if I wasn't pregnant would be a problem for me) and I feel thick around the middle, I just look like I've put on weight...how nice to hear. :)

I was still able to fit into my jeans last night (my biggest jeans :) for the New Kids on The Block/Backstreet Boys concert! More on that to come! I am craving McAlister's chef salads (thanks, Kathy), turkey and cheddar sandwiches and watermelon. I have definitely started to feel the baby move, little thumps low on the right side.

We are still trying to decide on a name~we're going to start calling him "Clarence"~LOL~until we decide on a name for sure.

Lilley Grace asks me almost daily, "How's your baby?" I love it! She can be so sweet and caring. She also talks about "the baby in her belly" all the time. I told her a couple of days ago that the baby was moving in my belly and she said, "my baby's moving in my belly too." She told Andy she didn't feel good this morning and he asked her what hurt. She said her leg hurt. He asked her what happened to her leg and she said, "the baby is hurting my leg." :)

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