Friday, June 3, 2011

15 weeks

So this is me at 15 weeks--today as a matter of fact. And no, I am not in jail~I am at work doing summer school until June 24th. I swear I thought my baby bump was a lot bigger than that. It definitely looks a lot bigger from my perspective :).

I went to the dr yesterday for my monthly check up and everything is normal. The most exciting thing that happened at that appointment was that Dr. Peeler didn't make me get my blood pressure taken. I had gone the day before and bought my own BP cuff from CVS. I sat at home Tuesday night and took my blood pressure until I got a semi-normal reading (133/86). Good for me! So, Dr. Peeler let me use those readings! He said he wasn't really concerned about my BP and wouldn't be until I am 32 weeks. My next appointment is the "big" ultrasound!! We will find out the sex of the baby and if all is healthy on June 29th at 10:30 am!! Will for sure post the sex ASAP!

I am feeling great! I didn't think that was possible. No more sickness and not all that tired. I am able to keep up with Lilley Grace so I'm happy about that. I was starting to feel a little guilty that I was being such a dud but that time has passed (at least until the baby gets here and wears me out :). I had not gained any weight at this appointment. I think it's because I was eating so much at the beginning to stave off the sickness that I put on 7 lbs right off the bat and now I'm eating like a normal person again. I had my first nosebleed of the pregnancy this morning~not a tragedy, just a little gross.

Lilley Grace constantly wants to kiss the baby and lifts my shirt to kiss my stomach. I think she is going to be a great big sister! I am getting more and more excited about this baby and what lies ahead for the Adairs!!

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