Friday, November 30, 2012

Tree Time

For the past 3 years we have gone to a tree farm down the street from our house to cut our own tree. We have an extremely tall ceiling in our den so we are always looking for at least a 9 foot tree. I'm not a huge fan of the Frazier fir, I think because I grew up with real Douglas firs and I stress the word REAL. I have never in my entire life had a fake Christmas tree. They may work for some and I am not against fake trees for others but we will always have a real tree in our living room. We do have a fake one upstairs in the playroom so, see, I am not totally against it. :)
 Anyway, back to the reason for the post~we went to the tree farm last Saturday.
 We rode on the tractor to the different sections to pick out the perfect tree for us. (Carson was at home with Peppi taking a nap :)
Here Andy and LG are measuring the tree against their heights to make sure it is really 9 feet ;)
This is our beautiful, crazily decorated Leland Cypress tree. Although in most areas of my life I like complete order, when it comes to the Christmas tree I like complete disorder. The lights have to multi-colored and there are all kinds of random ornaments. I really love it now that I have kids and I keep getting these hand-crafted ornaments from daycare~Fabulous!!! We also have haunted lights. Every year half a strand of the lights will randomly blink. Sometimes they don't blink and then one night they will and then they won't~it's weird but we love it!
This is our house with the lights.
I think we are one of two houses in our neighborhood that has lights on it. Apparently, I live around a bunch of Scrooges. Oh well, we plan on putting more lights on this weekend so we hope we can make up for everybody's "bah humbug" attitudes.
On another note~Carson is taking multiple steps now, at least 4 or more at a time. I wouldn't say he is walking yet because he prefers to crawl but he has started the process. My baby is quickly becoming a toddler. :(


  1. We love Christmas around our house as much as you do...our neighbors love Halloween...A LOT. They all go all out...lights, spider webs the whole deal...not so much for Christmas.

  2. LOVE the new header! (And all the lights!)