Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The big day... tomorrow but we celebrated Carson's first birthday this past Saturday with family and friends. It was going to be a small gathering of just family but I also wanted to invite friends who had babies around Carson's age so he could start spending his milestones with his friends. :) It turns out that the majority of our closest friends have babies around his age so the party turned out to be a bit bigger than I expected but we enjoyed having everyone celebrate this BIG day with us.
The theme was pumpkins since his birthday falls in the middle of "pumpkin season."
This was the cake.
 Luckily, Carson had his very own little smash cake. He would have eaten every bit of it but we finally took it away. As you can see in the pics, he was "double fisting" the cake. :) He does that with all his food now. He fills his left hand up with food and eats bites off his tray with his right hand until all the food on the tray is gone. Then he shoves the food he has been saving in his left hand into his mouth. Too funny!
 He ate that cake in probably five minutes. It was crazy how fast he was eating it.
 We borrowed a mini bounce house from our friends and it was perfect for the little ones to play in.
This is his friend, Micah, patting him while he tries to steal his car back from his friend, Rhett.
We also had the Alabama/Texas A&M game on. Such a disappointing loss but nothing like a "Big Fat Baby" birthday party to take the sting out of such a crushing defeat. :)
Stats to come on Monday after dr's appointment.

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  1. Oh how fun! I can't believe he's one though.

    That cake is too cute! I'm glad he loved his cake (and that he had his own to devour)!!