Thursday, November 29, 2012


I didn't know what else to title this post...I took Carson to the ENT on Monday for his follow up after his ear tubes. While we were waiting in the office (for at least 30 minutes) he got down and crawled around on the floor. I tried to keep him in my lap but let's face it, he's almost as big as I am so it doesn't take a lot of wiggling for me to give in and let him down.
At some point he decided it may be good idea to put his mouth on the metal chair leg.
Then he thought it best to wrap his mouth around the leg and begin to chew on it~let me just say that it is not a pleasant sound hearing your child's teeth/gums gnawing on metal~shocker, right?
Then he saw the metal foot stool on the patient chair and apparently thought it would be a good idea to put his whole open mouth, tongue out and all on it. Well, this is where I drew the line! I clapped my hands together and shouted, "NO!" He proceeded to look at me with his "hurt feelings" face, whined a little, stuck his fingers in his mouth and laid his head on it.
So gross!

Even though he is a yucky baby :) the nurses still love him. Nurse Angie was told by the other nurses that "her baby" was there so she came in and held him for a few minutes.
Between two babies with ear tubes and other ENT issues we are regulars at that office and the dr and nurses make it such a pleasant place, even if your baby is a metal muncher. :)

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