Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Why is it so difficult?

Last Saturday we failed miserably tried really hard to get a good family picture for our Christmas cards. I also wanted to have Carson's one year pics done at the same time. We picked a nice location outside in Southaven, chose a good time so it fit with the children's schedules (nap and feeding), bought new matching Christmas outfits for the kids, matched our outfits to those outfits...I thought I had it all covered. Can I just tell you that it was a NIGHTMARE?!--an all caps NIGHTMARE! 
Andy's sweet cousin, Becca, was so patient with all of us. Carson wanted down so he could crawl around outside and explore, LG's attention span is about 3.5 minutes long so after the first couple of pics, she was done and when I say done, I mean gradually slipped into pitching a full on fit mode. Andy and I had to be constantly looking at the camera smiling just in case, by some small chance, LG and Carson looked at the camera at the same time. At first I was anticipating everyone would look at the camera and smile, then I was just hoping we could all look at the camera, and by the end, I was just hoping we would all be in the same frame. After about an hour, their outfits were ruined, I was screaming for LG to just "shut up and smile," poor Becca was trying to direct us but it had become one of those times when the next day, you wish someone would have been secretly filming you so you could submit it to America's Funniest Home Videos~we weren't laughing but I'm sure everyone else would've gotten a big kick out of it.
Becca did send us a couple of preview pics that she was able to catch amidst all the chaos
Don't let the angelic faces fool you, I almost called a priest because they could have passed for possessed creatures that day.
Thank you, Becca for putting up with our craziness and catching the sweet moments when you could. :) 
She is a great photographer and reasonably priced~check out her website at www.4110photography.com.

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  1. Hahahaha! I know it's so stressful but y'all did great compared to some of the other folks I've worked with! Thanks for the props! I sure hope you love them all! Shut up and smile is the best line ever.