Friday, November 16, 2012

Cast Away

LG got her cast off on Wednesday! Yay!!! We were all so tired of trying to work around it. She was struggling in the bath and at school, most of all. She is left-handed so she was wanting to complete all her assignments even though the teacher told her she didn't have to. She was writing and coloring with her right hand so she was trying to do her best with what she had to work with.
We saw Dr. Spence at the Campbell Clinic in Southaven on Wednesday. He ordered some x-rays, which LG actually enjoyed. :) She loved on all the nurses like they were family. One of the nurses even commented that she had never gotten a hug from a patient. LG has never met Dr. Spence but I told her before we got there that he is a friend of one of her church friend's parents. She thought that was so cool so as soon as she saw him, she ran up and hugged his leg. He was kind of startled by it but has kids of his own so he just went with it. She also hugged him and told him she loved him after he cut her cast off. So sweet!!!
Here she is surveying the x-ray machine
Cheese :)
Sweet x-ray tech remembered her from the last time we were there~it could be because she pitched such a fit or it could be the's a toss up
This was her after the cast removal and before we went to church~arm out, mini tiara on~watch out choir, here we come!!!!

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