Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whoa~what a weekend!!

This past weekend was super busy! Busy weekends used to be me going out on a Friday night, sleeping half the day on Saturday, bartending Saturday night, bartending Sunday morning, and then doing grad homework Sunday night. Wow~things have changed. :)
 Saturday morning we went to have breakfast with Santa at Cedar Hill Farm. The kids were so good. We ate, visited with Santa, played on their playground, and fed the animals in the petting zoo.
We left there and LG and I went and had pedicures. After nap time, we got ready and went to zoo lights with our cousins.
We rode the Ferris wheel~I will never ever ever do that again. I was terrified. You can see the fear in my face in this picture. I just wanted to get safely on the ground.
Andy and LG, however, loved it!
We went to church Sunday morning, went home and while the kids were asleep, Andy and I did some shopping. We went back to church Sunday night for the "Hanging of the Green." LG sang a song with her Jr. Cherub choir. They were so cute and sweet and she did such a great job. She watched the choir director's mouth the whole time and did her mouth in big O's like Mrs. Terri~precious!
She loves Mrs. Terri
We had a fun family event filled weekend~sure beats the old days! ;)

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  1. We were there Saturday night too! E loved the ferris wheel...me not so much. It was probably due to the fact that it stopped right at the top and E took that opportunity to try to climb out! Yikes!