Tuesday, December 11, 2012

He's back...

 Punkin that is. This is how we found him the other morning. Apparently he had been roasting and eating mini marshmallows (note the bit of marshmallow on his mouth).
He changed back into a toy before he got a chance to eat the one on the end of the toothpick.
LG wanted to sit and pretend to roast a marshmallow with Punkin.
He's a mischievous little elf. Santa doesn't let him do a lot at the North Pole so he gets into all kinds of trouble when he comes to our house, i.e. writing on the counter top in icing, eating Hershey kisses, hanging upside down from the light fixtures, etc. It's fun to get up in the morning and see what he's been up to in the night. ;)

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